In Case You Missed It 2019 #39

It feels like the fall anime season is very staggered in its start as some shows have been out for weeks while new ones seem to just pop up out of nowhere. Also, responses to the current season have been very mixed so far. That said, there’s plenty to talk about with anime as always and things are bouncing along. If there’s a post you want to give a shout out to let me know in the comments below or DM me on Twitter.

Reviews, Articles, and Lists

Feature Best Horror Anime 4
Feature: What Does The Best Horror Anime Need? Part 4

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Episode Reviews

Cautious Episode 3
Cautious Hero Episode 3 Review

Patron Post

Gun Episode 3
No Guns Life Episode 3 Review – Now available for patrons.

From Irina

Fire Force ep13 6 7
Fire Force Episode 13

From The Aniblogging Community

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Inskidee reviews the first episode of High School Prodigies (etc) and asks whether to continue or not to continue. They really didn’t like this first episode so you may not appreciate the post if you were a fan, but I found it pretty funny.
Irina takes on reviewing Demon Slayer and discusses the highs and lows as well as the overall impression she’s found of the series online. Good read for Halloween.
Bloom Reviews shares a review of Flying Witch that shares a love of the sweetness and enjoyment that the anime brings, for those who don’t mind a slow slice of life.
Anime Rants has a fun review of Kanata no Astra that breaks down their thoughts on the series and their personal thoughts on it. Largely spoiler free this one is worth a read.
Marshmellow Pastel discusses the many expressions of Mile in Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life. It is a brief article but quite fun.
An interesting post from Kapodaco: How trends effect the quality of Japanese media. If you missed this one, do yourself a favour and hop on over.

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This Week’s Must Read

Reasons to Anime discusses the worst plot twist for romance anime and uses Citrus as their case example. While you might not agree that it is the worst plot twist, this is certainly something I’d like to see less of.

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