In Case You Missed It 2019 #38

Another week down and this year is just flying by. Two weeks into the Autumn/Fall anime season and while some shows are growing on me this is still a fairly low key season for me. Still plenty of fun shows to watch and cover though. Of course, I need to stop reading Alicization reviews. The latest one nearly made me start watching the show again. That will probably happen anyway, curiosity and all that, plus I’m likely to drop at least one show I’m currently covering because there’s a couple I don’t think I’ll get to the end of. Anyway, for now, here’s the round up of content from this week as well as posts that caught my eye around the community. Hope you enjoy.

Reviews, Articles, and Lists

Week 2 Thoughts on Fall/Autumn

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Episode Reviews

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No Guns Life Episode 2 Review now available for patrons.

From Irina


From The Aniblogging Community

Believe in Geek gives their first impressions of No Guns Life in case you were curious how that anime kicked off. It’s a little weird and yet somehow still compelling viewing.
Jessi Silver reviews Astra Lost in Space. If you haven’t checked out this anime from last season yet, be sure to check out this review as it gives a nice overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the series.
Over on Sennin there’s a post about the second episode of Special 7 that I really enjoyed reading. This anime seems to not be getting a huge amount of coverage so I appreciated coming across this.
Yomu reviews Arifureta from last season looking at some of what worked (or could have worked) about the show and what was less impressive.
Roger Pocock talks about Another and why it is perfect Halloween viewing. I’d second this recommendation and if you are interested this post is relatively spoiler free.
For more on Astra Lost in Space, LofZOdyssey takes us through their thoughts and why the show worked and what was a little shakier. Still a solid recommendation at the end of the review.
Takuto reviews Given and gives you plenty of good reasons to go check out the anime if you passed on it last season. Be sure to give it a read.
Iniksbane reviews Fairy Gone and wonders why so many other reviewers hated it. I enjoyed reading this review even though I clearly disagree with their opinion on the show so if you were after a more positive spin on Fairy Gone, check it out.

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This Week’s Must Read

Bloom Reviews shares their thoughts on the first season of The Irregular at Magic High School. With news of a sequel coming now might be the time to jump on board with the first season. By the way, I realised I don’t feature reviews as my must read often enough considering how many of them I read. I’ll try to include more review posts in the line up.

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