In Case You Missed It 2019 #37

While there’s been a bit of a slow start to the Autumn (Fall) anime season, there’s been new shows coming out thick and fast this weekend as well as a number of second episodes to enjoy seeing how the various anime are going to develop. Honestly, this is my favourite time in the season when everything is full of potential even if it ultimately doesn’t deliver. Here is this week’s round up of posts from the blog and the community.

Reviews, Articles, and Lists

What Does The Best Horror Anime Need? Part 2

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Episode Reviews

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 1 Review – Collaboration with Kapodaco

Patron Post

No Guns Life Episode 1 – For Patrons

From The Aniblogging Community

A Nerdy Perspective has a quick, spoiler free review of Given. If you were curious and didn’t check it out, this is a great starting point.
Jiraiyan on Otaku Orbit has a list of their top 5 favourite electricity users in anime. It’s a great list with some real bright sparks.

Sakura Sunrise talks about why they won’t be continuing onto the second half of Fire Force giving a fairly comprehensive review of up to episode 11.
Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews has a review of Revolutionary Girl Utena that is definitely worth the read for those who’ve yet to check out a classic.
Lynn Sheridan reviews season 2 of DanMachi. What did they like, who was their favourite character, and do they want more?
LofZOdyssey has a fun review of Demon Slayer that is a little bit more positive than I was overall about the finished series but still addresses some negatives for the series. Worth the read.
Crow gushes about Re:Creators and while its an anime I’ve still yet to see, reviews like this make me very interested.
We Be Bloggin decided to look at the question of what would happen if we swapped two anime protagonists and settled on looking at what would happen in Midoriya (MHA) and Light (Death Note) swapped roles.

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This Week’s Must Read

This one is from Irina and is about anime fans being right in the worst way. The post looks at debates and arguments that crop up about anime on various forums such as twitter and how these arguments by and large follow the same patterns over and over again and mostly both sides end up missing the point. An interesting post to read for those who are part of the online anime community.

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