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Going to start with an apology for last week. I came down sick on Tuesday, continued to pretend I’d be okay through until the end of Wednesday and from Thursday on was essentially bedridden outside of dragging myself to work for sufficient hours. Basically even if I watched episodes after Tuesday, my brain was so scrambled from fever I couldn’t write about them, and so I finally pulled the plug and just accepted I needed to rest which meant my blog output more or less screeched to a halt.

On that note, I still need a couple of days to pull myself fully together so this next week will have episode reviews but not a lot else coming out and hopefully then it will be business as usual by the end of the week. I’m looking on the bright side, I didn’t end up in hospital like a couple of people in town who got hit with this flu and while I’m exhausted right now, I’m definitely on the mend. Thanks to everyone who wishes me well on Twitter when I threw out a quick tweet to let people know I might be about to go missing, right before I essentially disconnected for the rest of the week.

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Marth shared an awesome list of his 5 favourite slice of life shows. From the super cute, to the more serious and contemplative, each title on the list is one that even non-slice of life fans can find something to appreciate about it. I love lists and this one was just a great read.

Wooderon has a really interesting post to read about the trouble of writing a show around a smart character and points to some of the issues Dr Stone faced (or created) in its early episodes. I found this one really made it clear why I found the first few episodes in Dr Stone a little less than enthralling, though since the scene change things have gotten more interesting. Anyway, it is a fun read and definitely worth checking out.

Kapodaco returns to anime with a look at the first three episodes of Kanata no Astra. Now unlike most of the people I’m following who are watching this, Kapo has actually read the source which changes his perception a bit as the mystery isn’t really a mystery for him. As such, the impressions focus much more on how the anime conveys the story and characters rather than the plot itself. Definitely worth checking out if you are curious about the anime (and it is spoiler free).

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