In Case You Missed It 2019 #30

Hi everyone. Sorry it isn’t such a long list this week. I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the blog that are now mostly resolved, but that occupied a bit of my normal reading time. Still, there are some wonderful posts to check out so hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.

On a really happy note, 100 Word Anime hit 3000 followers through WordPress this week. As always I want to really thank everyone who has joined me in exploring and discussing anime and hopefully you continue to enjoy the content. I especially want to thank those followers who have contributed to the blog through patreon or have bought the blog a ko-fi. Hopefully 100 Word Anime can continue to grow in the future.


Posts from the Community

Matt Doyle Media has a lovely review of Fire Force Episode 6. It is always great to see an episode review that is full of enthusiasm as well as casting a critical eye over the plot and character notes within it. Very enjoyable to read if you are following Fire Force this season.

LofZOdyssey has a charming review of Senryuu Shoujo, a short romantic comedy anime that I quite enjoyed last season. If you haven’t watched it and want a cute school anime wit ha hint of romance and some adorable moments, it may very well be one worth checking out so why not try this review that lays out the positives and the negatives fairly cleanly?

Dez Polycarpe has started a discussion about the squads in Black Clover kicking things off looking at the Crimson Lions. If you follow my blog you already know I dropped the Black Clover anime 13 episodes in and I don’t plan on picking it back up, but for those who have kept going this might be a fun post to check out.

Kate Sachez has a list of ten horror anime to watch. Well I love lists and love horror anime so this one was a definite must read from me and it didn’t disappoint. While some of the titles are ones I was less fond of, the list provides a good variety of horror anime titles and gives a great starting point for people looking for horror anime.

L-Zerb has an interesting post discussing Music Performances in anime with a focus on Sound Euphonium. It’s a really fun read and makes you think about the use of sound in anime, particularly anime that have been adapted from written material that didn’t have sound. Well worth the read.

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Pick of the Week

Okay, this one is not an anime post but is focused very much on the gaming industry and how games are reviewed and discussed. Though the argument put forward here could just as easily relate to any entertainment industry, including anime. Pete Davison has put together a great post arguing that ‘we need to get better at talking about sex‘ and looks at the way games with sexual content seem to be either dismissed or degraded by mainstream commercial writers. It is an article well worth the read and very nicely put together with examples and explanations. If you missed this one last week I strongly recommend giving it a read.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 10

Posts For Patrons

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts episodes 7 + 8 have been reviewed for patrons. I’m really loving this anime even if it does leave me feeling a little down after watching. I’m loving the character development and the overall themes and how the anime handles them and while it is a little more serious in tone then some of the other shows on my line up this Summer, it is one that I look forward to watching.

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12 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #30

    1. Monster is one that continues to float on my watch list but I never quite commit to actually watching it. Eventually I’ll have to get around to it.

  1. As always some terrific posts here, and I totally agree with this week’s Pick of the Week. That really was one heck of an amazing post!. I also just checked out the top 10 horror anime list! That was certainly a fun read as well, especially curious about Speed Grapher. I never heard of that one before, but I love the premise: it sounds really cool.
    Hopefully all the technical difficulties are solved, and of course again congrats on reaching 3000 followers: so awesome! Have a great week 😊

    1. Fingers crossed on that one because it really concerns me when stuff stops working. I always wonder what I did wrong. Fortunately this week it was a problem WP already knew about and were working on.
      Glad you had fun with the horror list, it was a fun read. And yeah, the pick of the week just had to be that one. It was a thought provoking post.

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