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Well, the best intentions and all… this week didn’t go all that much better for me IRL than last week and a couple of days I didn’t get all three posts out. That said, I’d rather skip a post than write absolute rubbish so that isn’t the end of the world. Hopefully though things will be looking up soon.

Later this week I’ll be looking at all the shows I’m following this season to do my mid-season list. Those following me on Twitter already know my favourite show of the season but some of the others are a little trickier to rank because there’s parts of them I really like and other parts I’m not so fond of. Anyway, I’d love to know what you are enjoying this season so leave me a comment here or when the post comes out, share your list for the season.

Hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.


Posts from the Community

Blerdy Otome is sharing the best otome games to play in English. If you were looking for a game to try but wasn’t sure where to start, this list will surely give you some ideas. Of course, there’s plenty of other great content around otome games to read over on her site, so be sure to go check it out.

Yomu shares their thoughts on episode 5 of Isekai Cheat Magician. At least I wasn’t the only one who felt this already mediocre show was especially mediocre (if not sub-par) this week. When even those who’ve given the generic isekai with the overpowered main characters a pass early on begin to feel bored by an episode, you know there’s a bit of a problem going on.

But Why Tho has an interesting post reviewing the Netflix documentary ‘Enter the Anime‘. Now I was actually curious about this but after reading multiple reviews of it I am now going to steer fairly clear. This post seemed to summarise all the issues people have raised about it in one easy to read post so for those curious about it, here’s a good place to start.

Abbieth on Beneath the Tangles has a post on Angel Beats and Accepting Death. It isn’t a lengthy post but it is one that prompts reflection and contemplation and also discusses an anime that I found really fantastic to watch. If you missed this post it is well worth the read and will probably leave you musing over more than a few points.

Pinkie shares some Pokemon wisdom outlining the Top 5 Rookie Trainer Mistakes. Now I still haven’t actually played any of the Pokemon games but I’m always impressed by the effort some people put into them. This list seems like a nice guide for people starting out who haven’t already encountered the pitfalls and would like an enjoyable experience.

Anime Rants has an interesting review of episode 19 of Fruits Basket written from the perspective of Ritsu recapping the events of the episode. I actually had more fun reading this review than watching the episode so I firmly recommend this one for people watching the series.

Takuto has written about Amagi Brilliant Park for their stop on the OWLS tour this month. While this anime isn’t one of my favourites, it was an interesting watch and one that I kind of feel doesn’t get all that much attention compared to some of the other big hitters from KyoAni. It was very nice to see this one getting a moment to shine.

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Pick of the Week

K at the Movies has two posts about the Space is the Place Tour and the story behind each of the planet designs. This was one of those amazing things that happens when bloggers come together as Scott got the tour rolling and then ideas started flowing. One of those was K offering to make every participant their very own planet designed based on their requests. Anyway, I absolutely loved the design I was given and I loved reading these two posts about how each planet came about from the initial request. A lovely behind the scenes look at the creation process.

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To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episodes 5 + 6 Review – While episode 5 might be a little on the slow side, the same cannot be said for episode 6. It is going to be tough to pick between this one and Astra Lost in Space as to which I’m enjoying most at the mid-season mark for Summer.

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10 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #28

  1. “Pick” certainly is a weird way to spell “worst”. Thanks for the mention, it’s always nice to see someone saying nice things about you. Here’s hoping for better weeks to come.

    1. I found your post lovely and insightful and it was really great seeing the backstory for each of the planets in the tour. And yes, I’m hoping for some much better weeks because I’m fresh out of energy for dealing with anything more that life might throw at me this week.

  2. It is for that very lack of attention and underrated appreciation that I decided to showcase Amagi for the tour. I’m glad you share the same sentiments as I do for the title. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, may I ask you for a favour, I created my blog just few days ago for my anime art, I would like if you may suggest my blog to people.
    It’s really nice blog you have here that’s why I ask you for help.

  4. It’s great to see Pinkie’s post featured here! As I said to her a couple of times now, I think it’s truly awesome how much originality she manages to put into her blog that is solely based on Pokemon😊
    As for my favorite anime of this season: Don’t even have to think about it: to the Abandoned Sacred Beasts. I have so far enjoyed all the episoses a lot (okay, episode 5 was a little bit less interesting than the others but I didn’t hate it) but well that’s my show hands down 😊 (ofcourse if I would have access to Astra Lost in Space I might have had a different opinion😂).
    Sorry to hear you again had a rough week 😢 I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that hopefully things are going to improve next week. Please take care😊

    1. To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts is doing a good job (agree with you on episode 5 though, good thing episode 6 really hit back hard).
      Hopefully things will be better this week. We’ll see how we go.

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