In Case You Missed It 2019 #26

Well that was a fun week. The anime was awesome and I found a lot of great posts to read and share so that was fun, however I also decided to play around with my blog and well… lesson learned. Fortunately I don’t think anything is permanently broken and the lovely people from WordPress helped me very quickly in sorting out the problems. That said, if you notice something has gone a bit weird on my blog, please let me know and I’ll get onto fixing it ASAP.

Hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.

Posts from the Community

Roderick J Fitz has a review of Sword Art Online Alicization that is a fairly fun read. It identifies the series weak points but also gives credit where it is due to some of the series strengths. If you are looking for a fair review of the series that will give you an idea of what you would be in for, this one will do the trick. I will however put a spoiler warning on it as it does discuss the fate of a key character.

Alicization Episode 21 Eugeo, Alice and Kirito

Space Whales has a review of Dororo which I found really interesting to read as I’ve picked up mixed thoughts on the anime and this review kind of covered both the exciting positives as well as some of the less desirable elements of the anime. I don’t actually have access to this one but I am still fairly curious about it given some of the conversations that have been happening around it and while this review points out some weaknesses in the story it still seems like it could be an interesting watch.

Gojira’s Wife has an extended post that gets into the details of Rebooting Lara, taking a look at the first game in the rebooted Tomb Raider series. This one goes for a deep discussion of Lara’s character then and now and how the reboot redefined Lara for better and for worse. It is a really fun piece to read for anyone who has played the the franchise.


Blerdy Otome has a review of Enchanted in the Moonlight, an otome game that I may just have to try despite not really being hugely into them. It really sounds fun and supernatural romance is kind of right up my alley. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this review and it made the game sound really fun so anyone even mildly interested should definitely check it out.

Fred on Au Natural has a wonderful post about Shinji and Misato‘s relationship in Evangelion. For Evangelion fans it is a must and for those who can’t quite see the charm of the show or the characters, this post goes a long way to pointing out the little things that make them just that little bit endearing even if the story doesn’t end up making all that much sense.


Amanda Actually has an interesting post about Sarazanmai about what it did wrong as well as what it did ‘oh so right’. I still haven’t got back to this anime though it is one I intended to binge watch once it was done, but reading this post made me move that up my priority list a bit because it is an anime I’ve been curious about. Definitely a post to check out for those on the fence.

Space Whales has a review of Fairy Gone that more or less sums up the highs and many lows of the series. Those who were curious as to whether it was worth checking out now that it is over should give it a read as it will probably answer your question quite clearly.


Marth has a list of their 5 favourite cooking shows. If you want anime with mouth watering food or anime that explores food in different ways and you may just find a show on this list for you. I do enjoy a good list and this one was a very fun one to read.

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Pick of the Week

Looking for something to read? On Beneath the Tangles Jeskaiangel has a list of what they are reading and recommendations on whether you should try it. There’s a lot of titles ranked and described here to check out and for those in search of their next light novel series to pick up it is a lovely post to read. I certainly added a few titles to my future reading list.

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To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episodes 3 + 4 Review is now available for patrons. I’m really loving this show. It kind of is wallowing in tragedy but I’m finding it interesting and learning about the character’s and their motives has so far been very engaging.

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10 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #26

  1. Thanks for the mention! Evangelion has quite the collection of emotionally damaged people. I think the Shinji-Misato relationship is fascinating and the most controversial..

    1. I’ve enjoyed reading your Evangelion posts. I finished rewatching it on Netflix and I’m definitely enjoying revisiting all of the interesting characters and theories people are bringing out again now that a new generation can experience it.

  2. As always a nice round up of posts, and it really was a fun week! 😊 And seeing the mention of Sword Art Online alicization makes me realize, that I totally forgot about that one, and need to get back to finishing that one 😅 (it was pretty much around that time where my health started to get really bad, so I never went back to it). Well, hopefully next week is going to be another good week! Have fun! 😊

      1. Whoa😮 Really? Wow, now I am curious indeed. Knowing you love Sword Art as much as I do, this is quite the surprise. I’m going to try and see if I can bingewatch it somewhere this week.

        1. That might be, but it doesn’t make the first half any more palatable. It was slow death by exposition and if I hadn’t been such a big fan of the franchise I wouldn’t have made it to the end.

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