In Case You Missed It 2019 #25

The anime community was rocked this week by the horrific attack on Kyoto Animation. As more details emerge about the incident I can’t help but feel a little sick in my stomach and my heart goes out to all those affected by this despicable incident. However, while the events of the past week have been tragic, the online community has pulled together with tributes, memories, recollections, and all manner of voices joining in support of a studio that has had a significant impact on the anime we all so enjoy.

As always, I’ve put together some of the posts I came across during the week from some of the amazing bloggers out there. Hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.

Posts from the Community

Roger Pocock has a review of Erased and does a nice job providing reasons to give the anime a go if you still haven’t tried it. Though it isn’t all praise as he does identify a few criticisms that might be directed toward the mystery in the story and why they might be a problem. Still, it is a nice positive review of a series I really loved watching so I had a great time reading this.

Ideas Without End discusses the first two episodes of Fire Force and what has worked and what warning flags they’ve seen. It is a nice bit of reflection on the opening act of a series that has gotten a lot of attention and well worth the read.

Crow and Irina continue their coverage of Demon Slayer with a review of episode 15. Of course there’s the big question of whether the new cast members are helping or hurting the story but then there’s speculation about what the demon slayers are up to as an organisation and even commenting on the motives of the demons. It is an intriguing post for those who haven’t read the source and are in the dark about where demon slayer is going be cause it is full of fun speculations.

Over on Fortress William there’s a fun review of the first episode of season 2 of DanMachi looking at Apollo’s plans to poach the talented new rookie out from under Hestia. It’s a fun take on a fun first episode and for those wondering if they should dive back into DanMachi for years after the first season finished, this post might get you ready for another season.

Lumi shares the 11 Most Popular Anime of the Last Decade and their thoughts on each of these anime (with some help from Scott and Irina). It is a nice walk down memory lane for the last decade and interesting to see the kinds of shows that somehow manage to consistently be popular in the community. A fun read for all anime fans.

Lynn Sheridan has a less negative view of Arifureta Episode 2 than my own that is still kind of dealing with the disappointment that they’ve just thrown everything about the series that I liked out the window. Anyway, Lynn’s review is a little bit more optimistic about how this second episode came along and was fun to read.

So not an anime but still a noteworthy review, Raistlin reviews Cain’s fantasy novel Rise and gives it a glowing recommendation. A very fun post to read as Raistlin’s enthusiasm comes through in every sentence. Certainly fans of fantasy may just find something new to read here.

Anime Rants covers the first two episodes of Given. I feel this anime is flying a little under the radar and if Irina and I haven’t convinced you to give the first episode a go you should really check out this post as it does a nice job of summarising what has happened and what is working in the series so far.

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Pick of the Week

Together on Kawaii Paper Pandas, Alexie, Tsubaki and Ayano wrote letters for Kyoto Animation after the tragedy that occurred last week. While there were many posts about the incident and about the studio after the event, this one struck a chord with me and I feel that many anime lovers who read this will have a similar reaction. Certainly a post to read if you are feeling reflective after the events last week.

On a similar note, Leth on Lethargic Ramblings wrote a letter to Kyoto Animation that is heartfelt and honest and well worth reading.

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16 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #25

    1. There were some really lovely pieces written after the tragedy and it is great to see the community pulling together, but yeah, the two I picked just really spoke to me.

  1. Thanks, I was going for less negative. I think we’re still quite someway from being positive but hopefully it’s moving in the right direction. That is until I get hold of the LNs and ruin it completely for myself.

  2. Thank you mentioning my post about Kyoto Animation this week (and the other’s as well)

    I’m glad my heartfelt letter to them was something you felt was worth sharing. Here’s hoping they pull through this tragedy.

  3. Wow, thank you so much for featuring my review here! I appreciate it very much, and I know Cain will as well 😊I totally agree with your pick of the week. It was such a beautiful and amazingly well written piece and so was Leth’s. It brings at least some kind of how to say this, closure I guess, to such an otherwise sad and tragic event😢
    Thanks again! Have a great week!

    1. No problem. I enjoyed reading your review a lot. There have been so many heartfelt pieces being written over the last few days picking just a couple to highlight was hard but I think these are the two posts that spoke to me the most.

      1. Well, it’s a wonderful end to a very nice week of blogging so really thank you again! It’s great to be back I have to say. Some cool things coming up next week (well, I think they are cool anyway as one of them is a competition that has something to do with anime😊😊).
        You are right though, these are definitely the two posts that really made an impact on me as well. Hopefully nothing like this is ever going to happen again 😢

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