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Another week and another round up of anime related blog posts. My apologies for my schedule going a little out. Between One Punch Man not airing for a week and visitors arriving mid-week at my house (earlier than expected) I ended up having to cannibalise posts I had scheduled for next week to keep this week going and now I’m looking at next week and knowing I have to travel for work and I’m wondering if I just accept that I’m going to have to cut down to two posts a day rather than three… Decisions are hard sometimes. Anyway, I’ve had a great week and while I haven’t managed to watch as much as I’d like or write as much (certainly haven’t spent as much time reading other blogs as I normally enjoy), there’s still heaps going on.

However, super important that you remember that voting for the best anime of the Spring 2019 season opened on Friday and will close June 29. Be sure to get in and vote for your favourite show of the season and spread the word because the more votes the more reflective of the community the results will be.

Hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.

Posts from the Community

Lynn Sheridan covered Fruits Basket Episode 10 and as usual for their episode coverage shares their favourite and least favourite moments as well as picks their favourite character of the episode. I like this structure to an episode review because it gives us the main points without providing too much in the way of recap or spoilers. Worth checking out if you are following the series.

A bit of non-anime fun, Thero159 shares their Bookish Life From A – Z and this one was a nice bit of fun. I think I might even take this one on because it just looks like a fun post to read. Anyway if you want to know what book they have 27th on their shelf, what they think the best sequel is, or anything else book related, be sure to check out the post.

Still in a list mood, Merlin’s Musings has 5 Action/Adventure anime worth watching and it is one fun list to read with some great anime being mentioned. Be sure to check this one out and leave some of your favourites in the comments.

Kurumi Shim gives us 5 Reasons to Watch Carole and Tuesday. Now this is an anime I’m not watching this season (no access) but I’ve been enjoying the coverage of it. While some viewers aren’t as thrilled by it, there’s a lot of positive buzz around what Carole and Tuesday has done this season and this post highlights some of the reasons people are enjoying it so much.

Never Argue With A Fish gives us a review of Cells at Work. If you missed this adorable edutainment anime about the directionally challenged Red Blood Cell this is a great post to give you the ups and downs of the series and it will probably give you a push to go check out the anime.

Cells at Work Episode 12 - Platelet

Anime Rants posted some thoughts about Rem from Death Note and how as a death god they fell in love with a human. It is another interesting part of the Death Note narrative and has fairly large implications for the story. I won’t pretend I understand what could possibly motivate Rem in this instance, but it is interesting seeing how the story unfolds because of it. Anyway, this is a great post to check out, though clearly a few spoiler points if you still haven’t seen Death Note.

The Blue Hybrid reviewed season 2 of March Comes in Like a Lion. I guess if you are reading my blog you already know how much I love this series so reading a review of this and seeing the enthusiasm and love of another fan was just fantastic. Be sure to check out the review and watch the anime if you haven’t already given it a go.

Rogue Shogunate shares their thoughts on My Roommate is a Cat and the importance of character arcs. There are some spoilers in this post as it discusses Subaru’s character and the changes he underwent throughout the series and how that serves as a hook for viewers. A great post to read and for those still on the fence about My Roommate is a Cat this might just convince you to give it a go.

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Pick of the Week

Cactus Matt shares his list of ten anime that need a second series. There’s an interesting mix of anime on this list and all of them end somewhat inconclusively or leave the characters with more room to grow – which leaves the audience wanting to know what happens next. Be sure to check out the list and leave a comment sharing the anime you want to have a second season.

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