In Case You Missed It 2019 #2

My it was a busy week with lots of first episodes to try and a few I just decided to put on hold for now because there doesn’t really seem to be any point in trying them. That said, some of the stuff I did try ended up being… ‘interesting’. Still, there’s certainly variety this season. However, as the rest of the anime for the season premiere and reviewers choose their watch lists below I have some great posts from the community covering a wide range of anime old and new as well as games, rebuttals against other articles, and characters in general. There are also links to my posts for the week so hopefully you can catch up if you missed anything you were interested in.

As always you are welcome to give a shout out to an anime related post in the comments below if there is one you think deserves some attention and if you think there’s a post I should include, send me a message via my contact or a DM on twitter and I’m always happy to check out great content.

Posts from the Community

L-Zerb has an interesting post discussing why it is Koroko no Basket and not Kagami no Basket. It’s an interesting discussion about Koroko’s character and his change throughout the series. A great read.

Crow’s World of Anime brings us something of an unusual list with six examples of female armour in anime that might actually protect the wearer (I know, who knew there were six). I love reading lists with explanations as to why certain things were included and this was an interesting list with some great characters on it.

Prattler’s Paradise has a post about the long titles that seem to be the trend for light novels and anime series in recent times and why they need to stop (because we’re just going to shorten them anyway). While I don’t necessarily agree or disagree that long titles are a problem, it is a great post to read with some good examples given as well as some points about what makes a title interesting or good.

Amari Sali gives their first impressions of The Rising of the Shield Hero. This is a nice detailed breakdown that looks at what happened, what the positives are and what didn’t work so well and wraps up with an overall impressions. If you were curious about whether Shield Hero was for you, this post will give you a pretty solid idea about what you are about to watch.

JekoJeko from UEM also looks at The Rising of the Shield Hero but they look more at the way it was reviewed by ANN and some of the problems in how views were presented. In a time when so many anime seem to be getting criticised for having views (or simply presenting material) that may not align with some viewers I think this is an important article to read, though it is very critical.

Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 1 Naofumi

C S Radical has a rebuttal piece on an article written about diversity in gaming. I would suggest reading the article they are responding to (which is linked in the post) but this is a great piece for getting gamers thinking about what is important in gaming and what diversity actually means in gaming. Definitely a post (and an article) worth reading and considering for gamers.

Jessi shares a final series review of Skull Face Bookseller Honda-San and looks at how this comedy manages to set itself apart from a lot of others that came out last year. It’s a pleasant read about a fairly pleasant anime and one worth checking out if you have the time.

Skull Face Bookseller honda San Episode 6

Arthifis shares three reasons why the first episode of the Promised Neverland was perfect. It was a strong premiere episode and it certainly got the community talking and this post does a great job of highlighting some of the strengths of the episode as well as a message Arthifis took from it. That said, this post does have a few spoilers for episode 1 so if you haven’t watched it yet, maybe do that first.

Mr Flawfinder has a review of Banana Fish and while he does point out some of the narrative flaws, this was a fairly positive review of a series that I kind of fell in love with at the end of last year. If you’d like to read a non-gushing but fair review of Banana Fish then this one is actually pretty solid and very specific in its examples of why things do and don’t work in the series (though, fair warning it does spoil the ending).

Banana Fish Episode 17 - Ash and Eiji.

Pick of the Week

Kapodaco provides us with an interesting post asking How Dense is Too Dense For An Anime Protagonist? and looks at the motivations behind dense anime protagonists as well as how they impact on the narratives they are in. It’s a great post and one which all anime fans will be able to weight in on because we’ve all come across that far too dense protagonist far too many times. n

Karandi’s Posts

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