In Case You Missed It 2019 #17

Welcome to another week. Things have been busy, busy, busy this week and there’s a lot of anime to watch and a lot of posts to read. If you missed Irina’s great posts this week be sure to check them out (linked below) but there are plenty of great posts from the community to check out.

Hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.

Posts from the Community

Amelia from A Girl and Her Anime reviews Kizu, a short 4 chapter manga that looks like it has a really interesting concept. As much as I am not hugely into reading manga, the description of the characters and story here has got me wanting to read this. If you are looking for something to read, and don’t mind reading scanlations, you might enjoy finding out about this one.

Crow and Irina share their thoughts on Demon Slayer episode 7. This one has spoilers in it so if you are a week behind you may want to hold off but for everyone else, this is a great post discussing the episode and everything that happened – and there was a lot going on in episode 7.


Naja B on BlerdyOtomoe has a review of the Changeling VN. I am not hugely into visual novels but I’ll admit this one with its supernatural focus and apparently some lore about the various supernatural creatures in the story has got me a little bit curious about this one. Also the art. It looks gorgeous. Anyway, if you want the full run-down on it, check out the post.

Annie from annieme has a really cute review of My Love Story. It looks at what it accomplishes and how it focuses more on the relationship after it has started rather than teasing the audience with the question of whether the characters will end up together. I really enjoyed the anime and I had fun reading this review of it so if you are curious it is probably worth checking out.

takeo and yamato 3

The Gaijin shared their 5 most heartfelt anime and when you see what they placed as number one you’ll know exactly why I had to share this post. Whichever way, there are some great anime on this list that have had some big emotional impacts on a lot of viewers so be sure to check it out and throw in a comment about your favourite heartfelt anime.

Ty gives us 5 Reasons To Watch Demon Slayer in this great list with some very nice pictures from the anime. Lists are always fun and when they are so positive about a show like this they are just great to read. If you haven’t checked out Demon Slayer yet then this post might be your tipping point.


Anime Rants has a fantastic post on Tamura Reiko from Parasyte looking at her evolution as a character. Needless to say there are spoilers for the story here but if you’ve watched Parasyte it is a great read. Tamura was a really interesting character and it was nice to have a bit of a closer look at her.

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Pick of the Week

Cho from English Light Novels shares a review of the Katanagatari omnibus. Now I sang the praises of this one a while ago and honestly haven’t seen a lot of chatter around it so was thrilled to see it turn up on another blog. If you weren’t convinced by my review be sure to check out this one because the book is well worth the time.

Katanagatari Cover Art

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