In Case You Missed It 2019 #16

Here we are and another week in the blogoverse is done. Another week in the real world is also done with elections running in Australia and as usual my work week being one bit of urgency slamming straight into the next. While some bloggers I’ve been following for a fair while are closing up shop or taking a break the community as a whole is still going strong and there were plenty of great posts during the week.

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Posts from the Community

Jessi Silver has an excellent post about the complexities of motherhood and how mothers have been represented in a range of media, but particularly focusing on anime mothers. While there are some spoilers in the post for The Promised Neverland, the focus isn’t about the plot of any particular anime so much as how the anime shows the role of mothers. A fun post to read and one worth checking out.

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Not what the post is about but an interesting anime mother-daughter relationship nonetheless.

Roger Pocock on The View From The Junkyard gives a lovely review of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. This one avoids going too heavily into spoilers but does address some of the key themes and conflicts that arise in the series. If you have never seen Anohana this may be a great review to read as it will probably prompt you to give it a go.

Tessa gives us a review of 07 Ghost which is an anime that isn’t often talked about, probably because the story is incomplete at the end of season one and there is no season two. Still, the season that exists is pretty good and this review certainly reminded me that this anime was a fun experience.


Anime Rants discusses Midnight Occult Civil Servants episodes 4 – 6 and looks at what works in the anime and what its weaknesses are. I’ve quite enjoyed it so far and it is nice to see a few other bloggers are keeping going with the series even if it isn’t going to be for everyone. If you haven’t check the anime out yet and want to know how it is going now that it has hit the mid-season, this post might be a good one to check out.

Reasons to Anime gives us 5 Reasons to Watch Shugo Chara and this is such a great post about an anime that doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention. If you’ve never heard of it, or if you are looking for a magical girl show that is a little bit different, then check out this post as it may convince you to give Shugo Chara a shot.


Aria shares their thoughts on Sarazanmai and how it is basically a magical boy show. Okay, the article is actually a lot more interesting than that and it raises some interesting points. Enough that it made me want to go and give this anime another look (I tried the first episode but it really didn’t grab me). Still, posts like this one make me curious about what might be.

The Fan of a Certain Age blog had a great post this week giving us ten anime about adults. While I will admit, I don’t mind the teenage focus a lot of anime have, it is actually always kind of refreshing to come across an anime with older characters. After reading this post I really think I’ll have to do a list of my own of anime I enjoy with adult characters. Anyway, this post is a great read and you should definitely check it out.


Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews shares his thoughts on the Code Geass movie and they are a bit more positive than the review I shared last week. That said, reading the plot description I’m still not sure the movie is for me and I’m going to happily just let it go, but if you wanted to know what the movie did right or what might appeal to you as a fan of the franchise, this post will point you in the right direction.

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Pick of the Week

Kapodaco reviews Katangatari and as a series I love that never gets discussed enough I urge you to check out this post before taking the plunge and watching the anime if you haven’t already. This review isn’t a straight rave without any acknowledgement of the series short-comings as it will outline the barriers to enjoyment clearly and early in the piece before coming back to explaining why you should watch it anyway. It’s a great post and one that should definitely be read.


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  1. Thanks for the link Karandi! Glad you enjoyed the Anohana article 🙂 I’ve linked to a couple of yours today at the end of my Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU article.

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