In Case You Missed It 2019 #14

Welcome back to business as mostly usual. Okay, it was my third blog anniversary week and I’m just getting back into daily blogging after going on vacation through most of April. That said, it was a great week and I found some great posts. We’re back with another round up of anime related blog posts as well as a summary of the week that was. Hopefully you find something fun to read and as always if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to send me a message via my contact or on Twitter.

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Posts from the Community

  • Dave D’Alessio has an interesting read about Girls’ Last Tour and how it functions and its appeal. While it isn’t an overly long post, it does a great job identifying the strengths of the series and the type of story it is telling. If you haven’t checked out Girls’ Last Tour and if you are interested, this is a great post to check out.
Girls' Last Tour - Chi and Yu
  • Artemis shares a bit of the history of the kancho, and while I thought it was weird before learning about its origins just makes me think it is even more weird that this is still a thing. Anyway, if you are looking to learn a little bit and are wanting a break from reviews and analysis of specific anime shows, this is a great post as it provides some context for something you’ve probably seen in anime and wondered just why that happened.
  • Biblionyan has a review of My Roommate is a Cat and it is just a delight to read. While I really enjoyed the anime, reading someone else’s thoughts on it and why they connected with it was fantastic and it does a great job of looking at the strengths of the series. The post is well worth reading so be sure to hop on over if you haven’t had the chance to yet.
My Roommate is a Cat Episode 7 Subaru and Haru
  • Jon Spencer Reviews gives us a look at Beautiful Bones and some of its visual and narrative similarities to Hyoka as well as what makes it distinct. It’s a fun post to read and does a great job highlighting some of the strengths and weaknesses of the series as well as identifying some of the points that may appeal to or put off an audience. Be sure to give it a read.
  • Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews shares his thoughts on Love Chunibyou and Other Delusions: Take on Me and it just made me remember that I still need to see it. While he points out some of the problems with the movie, there are a lot of positives identified and it is just a nice discussion about the movie and what works, what doesn’t, and gives an overall impression. If you are thinking about the movie, this will be a good post to check out.
  • Lynn Sheridan has a review of Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon that is well worth the read whether you love the series or are totally new to it and are just interested in what an anime with a title that long has to offer. I definitely recommend this anime and Lynn’s review will probably give you some great reasons to go and check it out so be sure to read the post.

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Pick of the Week

Run With The Wind - Kakeru
  • Takuto has a beautiful post dedicated to the amazing cast of Run With the Wind and what each of them brings to the story and the team. It was a fantastic anime to watch and here each of the character’s is given their moment to shine through the sharing of their contribution to the amazing viewing experience. Great post.

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10 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #14

  1. To not only receive a shoutout but the top pick!? Karandi, you’re too kind. I’m very glad you got something out of that post, as it’s always a pleasure to write about Run with the Wind. It was fun getting to briefly revisit Beautiful Bones again with Jon’s post as well, so I’m glad that got a mention.

    Many thanks again!

    1. You’re welcome, I really enjoyed your post. And yes, Run With The Wind is definitely fun to write about and really great seeing other people’s takes on it. I’m still trying to draft my series review of it but it is proving difficult to pull my thoughts together.

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