In Case You Missed it 2019 #12

With the Winter season rapidly coming to an end it is time to have your say in the reader’s poll (if you haven’t already). There’s six days left so make sure you have voted. Also, if you missed it, earlier today I had an announcement out about some travel so be sure to check that out. Otherwise, business as usual and we have some great posts from the community. I definitely urge you to check out the pick of the week.

Posts from the Community

Xenodude gives us a fantastic list featuring their five favourite drunk scenes from anime. Of course a certain ice-skater doing a poll dance made the list but what else did. It is just a fun list to read with some great anime and characters on it, so if you want a smile this one is worth the read.

Yuri on Ice Episode 10

BiblioNyan has a great write up of Netflix’s live action Erased as an intro to J-Drama. While I personally still find the live action version of Airi creepy, the rest of this drama I found pretty entertaining and I really enjoyed reading this write up about it from the point of view of someone who went and read the manga. Definitely one to read.

Emi from Ramblings N’ Scribbles has a great post focusing on the wonderful character of Akane Tsunemori from Psycho Pass. It is a great post that looks at a range of Akane’s attributes as a character and celebrates what she achieves in her story as well as who she is. If you want something positive and fun to read, as well as want to spend more time with a great character, from the perspective of someone who was trying to play her as part of a fan dub project, then this is a great post to check out.


Kawaii Paper Pandas shares their top ten abilities from Bungo Stray Dogs. There’s clearly a lot of enthusiasm here for the topic and you can feel the love while reading the list. Also, they’ve shared the promotional video for season three of Bungo Stray Dogs so if you missed seeing that here’s a chance to look at what is coming.

While on that topic, Alexie shares their five favourite abilities in Bungo Stray Dogs, plus a couple of honourable mentions because the show just has too many cool abilities to be contained to just five. Whether you like the show or are interested in just seeing some cool character powers, this is a fun and spoiler free post to have a bit of a look at.

bungou stray dogs new

Ktulu has a review of Re:Creators. I still haven’t had a chance to see it but I’ve enjoyed some of the takes different reviewers ave had on it. This one was fun to read as it looked at different aspects of the anime and then suggested ways it could have been improved. I’ll hopefully get to see this one eventually to see what I think of it, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy reading what others thought.

Otaku Central covers one of my favourite anime, and clearly one they enjoyed, Noragami. If you want a look at whether or not Noragami is an anime to check out, this write up covers the main characters and themes and doesn’t contain plot spoilers.


A Girl and Her Anime reviews an anime short called Sono Toki, Kanojo Wa. It sounds kind of interesting, particularly the art style, but I will admit I’d never heard of it prior to reading this review (or if I have heard of it I’d promptly forgotten). Still, it is an interesting write up that has made me intrigued and maybe I’ll find the time to go looking for this one at some point.

Irina lists her five anime that she wants another season of (though Natsume Yuujinchou got its own mention because there’s always a need for more of that). There are some great picks on the list and realistically I’d love another season of every single one of them so I had great fun reading this list. Be sure to check it out if you missed it.

natsume taki

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Pick of the Week

This one is a bit of a late entry but really deserves to be the pick of the week. I like Crunchyroll. I do. Not the company because their customer service is terrible and they don’t communicate adequately when there are problems and that’s just the tip of the ice-berg of issues. But, they’ve made anime accessible in a way that no other streaming service has managed. Still, with the announcement they are upping their cost (not much but enough to make you wonder), it is probably time that they got called out on a few things and actually started trying to improve their service.

Now, I’m unlikely to get into the nitty-gritty of it all but Floating Into Bliss has a great video/transcript that looks at three of the big issues that need to be addressed. It isn’t a hostile attack but more a look at the series of events and decisions that sit behind a lot of what has happened with Crunchyroll and it does point out a need for change. If you didn’t catch this video and you are a Crunchyroll subscriber, you should definitely go check it out. And for those who aren’t inclined to watch videos, the script is there for you to read instead. Enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “In Case You Missed it 2019 #12

  1. Thanks for sharing my post and including me on this list with other great creators! As always, I’ll be sure to check the others out!

  2. Sono Toki, Kanojo Wa is a lovely little anime with a sketchbook style about the growth of young love. Not a lot of motion and it doesn’t need it. The ED is really sweet. I think most people will be happy they spent their 36 minutes on 12 episodes.

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