In Case You Missed It 2019 #1

Welcome to the first post round up of 2019. It is exciting to see how many bloggers have kicked off the new year with a plethora of great posts to read through. There’s a lot of round ups of 2018, final thoughts on the Autumn season, goals for 2019, and just some solid posts on display. As always, as much as I’d like to, I can’t get to everything so if you have a post or know of one that deserves some more attention, please feel free to give it a shout out in the comments below.

And remember to vote for your favourite anime of 2018. The poll is open until the 14th.

Posts from the Community

The Anime Glutton shares their top ten disappointing anime series of 2018. Now disappointing is always subjective because it means you expected something from the show in the first place, but I did find myself agreeing with quite a few of the picks on this list.

Banana Fish Episode 17 - Ash and Eiji.

Otaku She Wrote gives us a great break down of all the rainbows in Banana Fish. Now this was something they brought to my attention in their early episode reviews of the anime and it was something I ended up looking out for in the series. I really appreciate their attention to detail and this post was great for finding those moments you may have missed.

Mistress of Yaoi gave us a review of Banana Fish that looks at the story set up and the character growth. It avoids heavy spoilers though makes it clear that this one doesn’t end happily ever after, and is a great review to read if you are curious about what you might find in Banana Fish as it definitely addresses some of the themes that might trigger an audience. Worth checking out if you haven’t watched Banana Fish and are wondering if you would like it.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 9 Sakuta

Watashi wa Bucho looks at how Bunny Girl Senpai used the supernatural to explore the everyday and some of the narrative benefits of this. A fun discussion post about an anime lots of people enjoyed last season, this one is worth checking out because it isn’t spoiler heavy for those who still haven’t taken the plunge and checked out the anime, but it may make you want to watch it.

Irina embraced the new year spirit by writing this post about being an awesome anime fan in 2019. For the very few people reading this post that don’t already follow Irina, you really should. She puts out some fantastic posts about anime and about the anime community and this one is really the kind and funny reminder we all need at the start of the year.

Bloom Reviews has a post about embracing predictability and looking at why spoilers aren’t really all that much of a problem with enjoying a narrative. It is a fun post and provides a perspective rarely discussed.


Marth gives us a quick review of Bloom Into You. If you want to know whether Bloom is worth trying or not but don’t want too much revealed, this is probably a great review to read given it covers the strengths of the series and its main weakness without going into too many reveals. A great post to read and a great anime to check out if you haven’t.

Pick of the Week

Floating Into Bliss has a video/transcript of a discussion about Bloom Into You and why it is the yuri anime the community needed. It is a really interesting discussion about the yuri genre in general as well as what Bloom Into You accomplished first as a manga and then in being adapted into anime. Well worth the watch/read.

Bloom Into You Episode 9 Yuu and Nanami

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