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Another week down and more anime watched. It’s been another fun week reading and commenting on a wide range of blog posts. Lot’s of people are finalising their seasonal choices and deciding what they are going to keep following. As always, you are welcome to add a link in the comments to an anime (manga or gaming) related post that you think deserves a shout out.

Shameless self-promotion of the week: I started reading the manga for Scum’s Wish given I can’t watch the anime at the moment. My thoughts on volume one are here on my Patreon page but it is available to the public so you don’t need to be a patron to read this post. End shameless self-promotion.

Prattle has posted a complete guide to funny anime. In it she discusses elements of comedy, how comedy works (or is supposed to work), and suggests titles that are examples of good comedy. It’s a bit of a lengthy read but they’ve nicely included links so that you can simply read the sections you are interested in, though the whole thing is quite a good read.

The Only Shinyuu Site posted a list of underrated anime from 2016 that people should watch. While that could spark an argument about what actually makes something underrated, the list itself has 9 anime from last year to consider and makes you think about some of the shows that didn’t get a lot of attention.

Remain in Memories has a nice post giving their first impressions of Scum’s Wish. If you are still deciding whether to watch it this might be a nice post to check out.

This one’s a bit different and isn’t really just this week. All About Anime has been posting a series called Otaku Moves. It’s exercise with an anime theme thrown in which given one of my new year resolutions in real life was to actually move occasionally I’ve kind of enjoyed reading (though I’m kind of going to stick to my own fairly sedate exercise plan). Anyway, the link I’ve given is to the category so all the posts in this series that have that category added should come up for you if you are interested.

Similarly, over on Weekend Otaku, KimmieKawaii and WeekendOtaku have been taking part in a viewing party where they’ve both watched an episode from one of the season shows and are sharing their thoughts. The link will take you to the tag so you can see all of the shows they’ve looked at.

CSRadical has a post called Hey Anime Guys Undress and Shower Too! and as you might expect is a discussion about ecchi content focussing on males in anime and looking at the types of bodies that tend to get this kind of treatment and  before looking at some of the underlying issues about males discussing other males bodies. It’s a well thought out post though obviously contains images that contain male bodies should that be an issue.

Kevin Pennyfeather has a great post on the second episode of ACCA. It really highlights the show’s strengths so far. If you haven’t tried ACCA you should definitely give this post a read and consider giving it a go.

Caitlin on I Have a Heroine Problem shared a really interesting post on The Women of Yuri On Ice. It might be easy to overlook the many female characters when the show focusses on the male skating competition, but the females are there and despite limited screen time manage to make their presence felt by both the male characters and the audience. This post takes a closer look at some of these characters and their moments.

And another Yuri on Ice post, this one from Circechan on Hold Up Let’s Talk and she focusses on Yuri Plisetsky and some of the things that underpin his character in the story.  This is a great read and takes a closer look at the youngest skater in the senior division.

And that’s it from me this week.

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  1. Heya! Thanks for mentioning Otaku Moves here. Keeping active is really hard, hope you can keep that new year’s resolution! :p

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