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Welcome to the New Year and here’s hoping for some great anime and some great anime posts in 2017. Here’s my round up of posts from last week, though as you may expect there’s a lot of overviews, round ups and final thought posts at this time of year. As always, feel free to add links to great posts in the comments below.

Kup o’ Knuckles had a review of Fume no Amu. As one of the anime I was interested in but didn’t have access to this season I’ve really enjoyed reading lots of different views on it and I’m still looking forward to seeing it. This is a fairly positive write up about it.

Kapodaco on Criticism and Thoughts also reviewed Fume no Amu and this was a really interesting read as they looked at some of the flaws and why they enjoyed it anyway. They also did a great review of Flip Flappers if you want to check that out.

Anime Girl NYC has a round up of her thoughts on the anime of Autumn 2016. Some good description of what she liked and what she didn’t like. It’s a great time to look back at the season as we are about to move into Winter.

The Glorio Blog also looks at some of the best moments from 2016 and there are some surprise winners for some of their categories in Gee’s hot Takes of Excellence. Another great post to check out as we reflect on the year that was.

Nice Job Breaking it Hero does an overview of their favourite games for 2016. If you’ve followed their posts this year this is a nice recap of what they enjoyed.

Rodrovich’s Anime Blog has a fall 2016 roundup (part 2) which is quite a good read if you are still deciding what to catch up on from the Autumn season. Well worth checking out.

Elisabeth on Little Anime Blog did a top 10 of 2016. Check it out and see if your favourite made the cut.

Arria Cross on Fujinsei did her round up from the last Blog Carnival so if you haven’t already checked this out go over and have a look. It has links to ten really amazing anime related posts and it is a great way to connect with other bloggers. Also keep an eye out for her next carnival which I think is the 9th of Jan (but you can check that on the site).

And that’s it from me.

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  1. Cheers for having our top 10 in your first ICYMI of 2017 🙂 Looking forward to blogging through another year with you.

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