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First of all, I hope those of you who celebrate it had a great Christmas. To everyone else, have a great December 26th. As final thoughts on the Autumn shows are being posted as they come to a close it has been a great week to read blogs (even though quite a number of bloggers are busy with real world things at this time of year). Here’s a round up of posts that caught my eye though I also took a break from the online world for a couple of days. As always feel free to add a link in the comments to a post you thought deserves a shout out.

Nichi Nichi-Chan gave us a nice write up about episode 11 of Flip Flappers. Given I’ve given up expecting anything from the show and other than the visuals have never been overly impressed with the story telling, it was nice to read a fair yet critical review of this episode that looked at it for what it was and what it wasn’t. Anyway, it’s a great read so if you are watching the show or thinking about watching it and you don’t mind spoilers, you should jump over and have a read through.

In contrast, Prattle discusses reasons why Flip Flappers failed (at least for them). It’s a pretty compelling argument about style over substance and rampant speculation in the absence of facts and kind of captures how I currently feel about Flip Flappers.

Scott on Mechanical Anime Reviews has written in response to a few other posts his thoughts on how changing tastes when watching anime doesn’t require you to leave  behind first loves. It’s an interesting post particularly if you’ve read the posts he mentions early on that got him thinking through this idea. Well worth a read.

KatrinaSade from GrimmGirl  gave us five facts about Chikage. Given I had no familiarity with the game or character this post still managed to be really interesting and now I really want to know more about this particular character. Thanks for sharing.

Suitably Bored did a write up on their experiences with the Resident Evil 7 Demo. Yes, they just keep making Resident Evil. Still, if you have any experience with the franchise and were thinking of checking out the demo this is a fairly positive overview of it. Gore warning on the images, but it is Resident Evil so that should have been self-explanatory.

The Glorio Blog gives us Jel’s best anime moments of the year and this is a great way to remind yourself of a lot of the excellent scenes that have come up this year. While some people have been displeased with 2016, I agree with this post in saying this has actually been a pretty fun year to be an anime fan. Anyway, check out their best moments.

Cauthan Reviews gives a nice and reasonably objective review of Yuri on Ice (one of the many Yuri on Ice reviews that came out but I really liked the balance in this one, something that is difficult to achieve with a show that so many people are emotionally invested in). Anyway, if you are one of those people still deciding if Yuri is just overhyped nonsense, this review is a pretty good one to check out to help you decide as it covers the strengths and weaknesses of the series fairly well.

If you want a more critical review of Yuri on Ice then check out Standing on My Neck by Mr Flawfinder. While I don’t have the same impression of the show or characters it is difficult to really argue with most of their points so if you want to know the worst about Yuri on Ice but aren’t up for reading a rant this is probably a good post to check out.

Wishing everyone a great New Year.

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  1. Hey, hey. Happy holidays. Glad you thought my review offered a balanced perspective. I worked really hard to suss out my feelings and give a fair critique of the show after reading so many extremist perspectives either praising or utterly condemning it. So the review was as much for other people as it was for me in that regard, haha.

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