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Much better week from a work point of view. Only did half days last week which meant I had more time for anime and games. I also finally had a chance to actually take care of me and try to recover from some of the illnesses I’ve kind of just been dealing with for the last few weeks (with varying degrees of success). All and all, things were looking up in the real world.

Into the blogging world and it has been a great week for posts as everyone is getting excited for the end of the Autumn season and starting to wrap things up for 2016. That and a prevailing obsession with Attack on Titan season 2 and the Gintama live action images. As always, I’ve put together a list of posts that caught my eye but feel free to add links to any other anime related posts (games, movies, manga are fine) that you think people should know about.

Kawaii Akiba has an interesting post about fan service and why it isn’t always that bad. I loved the number of examples they gave of fan service that actually wasn’t that bad and the comparisons they used. It’s a great article to read.

A Pink Study looks at methods for choosing which seasonal anime to watch complete with an assessment of the likelihood of disappointment from each method. It’s a fun read and makes you think how do you narrow down your choices from all the anime out there.

Two Happy Cats shares the weirdest anime ‘wikihow’ articles they could find. I love the internet. No matter what you are looking for (or even not looking for) someone has posted an answer.

While not entirely anime related this one is a great post. Criticism and Thoughts shares some tips for helping your blog blossom. It’s nice to see people offering advice to others. I know when I first started I didn’t really know what I was doing so posts like this are always appreciated.

Marth’s Anime Blog gives us a review of episode 10 of Trickster. If you visit the blog regularly (which you should, it’s awesome) then you’ll already be familiar with the way Marthaurion discusses episodes of shows. He gives us an overall impression and then we get a series of screen caps complete with Marth’s thoughts on what is happening in the scene. I think he did a great job of highlighting so many of the things wrong with this episode and series as a whole.

Wave Motion Canon has been posting about March Comes in Like a Lion. I really look forward to these posts because it looks at the visuals and movement of the episodes in a way I am really not willing to give up the time to do. They are always insightful and I particularly enjoyed this post about episode 8.

Little Anime Blog looks at the changing nature of witchcraft in anime. It gives a good comparison of Japanese and Western witches as well as some of the more recent representations of witches to appear in anime. Great read.

In The Cubbyhole gives us a very amusing write up about Mars of Destruction. He really enjoyed that. I can tell.

Mel in Anime Land gives us their list of the top 5 anime endings for Autumn 2016 with some links to the videos just in case we didn’t have most of these stuck in our heads already. Great list to check out.

Okay, the week wouldn’t be complete with at least one Yuri on Ice post so here’s one from Atelier Emily about Yuri on Ice and Social Media that I found an interesting read for reasons other than it’s another Yuri on Ice post. Well worth checking out if you missed it.

And that’s it from me this week.

13 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thank you for featuring my piece! It’s so great that you take the time to pick out and share so many great blogs, and a real pleasure whenever one of our posts is amongst them.

    1. I really found your post interesting because I really hadn’t thought about how many witches had featured in anime before or really about how they were being represented. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Sorry I won’t be able to comment on your blog for a couple of weeks. I can read it but my current device won’t allow me to connect to comment. Will be back to normal come New Years.

      1. lol fair enough. that reminds me…ive been meaning to find out if it’s possible to use a wordpress api to post comments to wordpress from a non-wordpress site

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