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This week it is definitely a case of me missing it. There were nearly three days where I just didn’t get to read anything (life, work and illness all getting in the way). Fortunately, I still did get to some blogs this week and I’ve included some interesting posts below. Feel free to add a link to any posts you came across that you thought were interesting in the comments below. However, if you haven’t yet taken part in the poll, please jump over to this post and let me know what you think the best anime of 2016 was (or is).

Cain S Latrani revisits Sword Art Online and looks at the Fairy Dance Arc. This is a nice balanced look at the good points and the flaws with this arc and these are hard to come by given most of us either hate this particular arc or are too in love with the series to be objective. It’s a great post to check out.

Pop Culture Uncovered gives us 5 Dumb Reasons Not To Like Anime where they discuss the usual terrible reasons people give for not liking anime when they haven’t really tried it.

Two Girls Gaming have a write up about the No Man’s Sky update. As I’ve been too busy playing FFX (and you know working and watching anime) I haven’t really gotten into No Man’s Sky over the last week so I still haven’t checked this out but if you want some details this is a good post.

I just have to share this post from Lethargic Ramblings that discusses the possible release of a season 3 of Code Geass. They just hit every concern I have about this news and it is a post that I just have to include on this list. (Another post this week that you should check out from Lethargic Ramblings is their Let’s Talk that focuses on the hate for SAO.)

And Lethargic Ramblings isn’t the only one wondering what season 3 of Code Geass is all about (or why it even exists). Mechanical Anime Reviews looks at long awaited sequels and why Code Geass isn’t necessarily one of them.

Cauthan Reviews gives us a great review of Paranoia Agent. For those who haven’t watched the anime this is a really interesting one to get into so check out this review.

Pages of the World looks at what Barakamon taught them about writing. There’s some good writing advice here as well as some great examples from the anime. I haven’t come across this blog before (mostly because they don’t normally write about anime) but I was really glad I found this post in my reader this week because it was a great read.

Anime Reviewer Girl (who I could probably feature most weeks really so if you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should) posted a video counting down her top 5 anime girls who kick ass. It’s a great list and I loved her reasoning and I also loved that some of her choices were not the usual suspects (though I definitely liked her number 1).

And that’s all from me this week but please feel free to share a link to any great post you read that I’ve not come across or mentioned.

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