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Here we are again at the start of another week. It’s an interesting time of the season as many people are in full blown speculation mode about where the shows this season are going and discussion about various scenes in shows have really taken off. Here is a collection of posts that caught my eye this week, as always feel free to add a link to any posts you felt were interesting (preferably anime, gaming or manga focussed).

Animeindianphilosopher has posted a poem (?) called I Hate Anime. If you haven’t read it you should check it out.

Bobble Anime has a great discussion about Magical Girl Raising Project (Eps 1 – 8). I’m still trying to decide if I will ever go back and watch more of this show. I’m interested in some of the things people have said have happened but I just remember how dull those first couple of episodes were. Still, discussions like this one keep me interested.

The Mind of the Hybrid One has a very positive review of My Hero Academia.If you’ve been under a rock and not come across this anime already you should check out this write up of it and then go watch the anime.

Dominic Cuthbert on Little anime Blog reviews Full Metal Alchemist and why is is such a fan favourite.

Dad Watches Anime compares evil from Madoka Magica with Supernatural this week and now my head hurts from trying to figure out who from that line up was more evil. It’s a great post that will get you thinking.

Raven on Golden Realist looks at how communication devices have changed in anime in a post called The Times They Are A Changin’. It’s an interesting look at how we’ve progressed (in anime) from letters to smart phones and all the steps in-between.

Mechanical Anime Reviews examines how Iron Blooded Orphans is similar and different to other Gundam shows. It is worth a read and it makes it clear why Iron Blooded Orphans might be a way into this franchise if you’ve never really given it a go.

Mel in Anime Land reviews Psychic Detective Yakumo. I was excited to see this because so few people ever mention this anime. If you like supernatural stories or mysteries well worth checking out.

Hot Chocolate in a Bowl continues to give us some excellent information about ice skating to complement the events we are seeing in Yuri on Ice. That’s part of what I love about the anime community is that there are so many people who are willing to share information that will enhance or change your viewing experience. Anyway, its a great post and answers a lot of questions about the specifics of the competition itself.

Mako-Tachi also looks at Yuri on Ice but examines it as a sexual coming of age story. This is a great post if you want to look back at Yuri’s transition as a character so far in this series. Well worth checking out.

Lethargic Ramblings also gave me the best laugh this week with their guide on How to Become an Elitist. They do point out at the end of the post that it was supposed to be a satire, and I kind of worry that they needed to explain that because I can’t imagine reading and taking the post seriously as anything other than satire, but I guess that’s the internet for you. Anyway, if you want a good laugh this is definitely a post to check out.

And lastly, Scott on Mechanical Anime Reviews put together his Anime Presidential Cabinet. It’s a fun look at how various characters would fair in various cabinet roles and is well worth a read if you have the time and are in the mood for a laugh as well as a break from real world politics.

That’s all from me this week, I know it’s a bit light on but what I’ve noticed is when I read blogs and I’m tired, even if I enjoy the post I forget to record the link and then it is forever forgotten in the vastness of the internet. This week I’ve been really tired and next week is not looking much better.

12 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thanks a lot for the shout out on our FMA review. Yet again, lots of compelling posts to read here.

  2. Honoured to have been mentioned this week, thank you!

    Glad I could provide the laughs!

    Excellent round up of posts this week as well. Well done to everyone else!

    Here’s to another week of blogging folks!

  3. Oh thank you. I never expected that I would have two posts appearing on this.

    The presidential cabinet was a random idea, but so fun to put together. Probably the most thing in my entire blog for me.

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