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It would probably be remiss of me not to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year given the week we are in (though mostly people have already done this via twitter or their own blog posts). Still, I really do hope everyone in the blogging community has found some moment of happiness during the season. It’s been very up and down for me being able to catch up with family I seldom see and also getting some less than great news elsewhere, but overall, I’ve had a pretty satisfying Christmas break.

Apologies to some of the excellent posts that I didn’t link to. While travelling I read posts in the evening on my phone and I can’t save URL’s the way I do when on my laptop so end up forgetting where I read various posts. Still, there are some excellent posts below and I definitely recommend checking them out. As usual, if you have a post you’d like to give a shout out to leave me a comment below.

And if you missed it be sure to check out my best and worst of the season posts.

Posts from the Community

Remy Fool has a short review of Release the Spyce this week. It covers the basics, doesn’t spoil too much and gives a relatively level opinion of a series that has some great moments but just doesn’t do much with them or its story as a whole. I was struggling to finish the series and this post gave me the push to actually just get on with it.

Release the Spyce Episode 12 Momo

Luke P reviews the Bug Boy manga and I will admit he made me very interested in checking this one out at some point. Admittedly, the imagery looks a little disturbing but that probably added to the appeal and so I’ll hopefully get around to this one at some point. In the meantime, if you are curious about an allegorical horror manga, maybe check out this review.

David takes a look at Goblin Slayer and how thematically it has stuck to its message throughout even if some viewers thought it backed off. For people who haven’t read either the manga or the light novels, it may have seemed like after the violence and sensationalism of episode 1, Goblin Slayer toned things done, but this post focused entirely on the anime, makes it clear that this wasn’t the case. For a look at Goblin Slayer the anime, this is an excellent post to read.


Jessi is sharing their first impressions of some of the short anime that came out in the Autumn season. There are no spoilers here as it looks at their impressions from the early episodes and what they thought of the set up. if you were curious about some of the shorts this season and wanted to know which might be worth checking out, than this post may give you an idea of what to try. They also did a first impressions of Voice of Fox which is an anime I’ve quite enjoyed this season despite some of its shortcomings but I don’t see a lot of people talking about it. Check out this first impressions and maybe you’ll want to give it a go.

Jon Spencer has an interesting post about rain and how it is used in the storytellers tool kit (both good and bad examples from anime). For something a little bit different, and some great examples from well known stories, this one is well worth the read (though there are definitely spoilers for the anime being discussed so if that’s a concern perhaps steer clear).

Bloom Into You Episode 12 Nanami and Yuu

OG-Man from the Yuri Nation has a great review of Bloom Into You. It captures what Bloom Into You did well, looks at what might put the audience off, and overall is just a nicely balanced and well written review about an exceptionally well put together anime. Well worth checking out if you didn’t watch the anime this season and are wondering if it is for you.

Pick of the Week

Gay Anime Symposium has a great final thoughts on episode 24 of Banana Fish where they look at the final episode as well as the characters and themes of the series as a whole. Needless to say this one is spoiler heavy but it is well worth the read particularly if you’ve watched the series. If you are just curious, it may convince you the series is worth checking out but again it is going to tell you how it ends.


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    1. I am going to miss Banana Fish. It was fun following the tweets about it the day it aired and seeing the fan art and discussions come out over the next few days before the next preview would come out and people would start speculating about what was happening next. It was just a fun anime to be involved with the community and watch week to week.

  1. Many thanks for your kind mention! Also, may the New Year bless you with happiness and success.

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