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Last week I made the somewhat difficult decision to end my season overview posts. These posts took a long time to put together and on average received less views than my actual episode reviews. It just didn’t seem like it was a series that needed to continue given I want to put my time into creating content people actually want to read. It is a shame because I’ve been doing a weekly overview since I started the blog, but it was just time to retire the series.

That does mean I get to think about what should replace it in the schedule next year, if anything and I’m already considering a range of ideas such as a recommendation post or a character feature post. I’m not rushing to fill the space and will figure out what I want to do, but certainly if you have any suggestions I’d love to know.

In the meantime, here are some great blog posts from around the community. The ‘my post’ section is a little longer as I am linking to individual episode reviews now rather than the overview, but otherwise nothing is changing with this post. As much as ‘In Case You Missed It’ takes a lot of time to put together, it is one of my most viewed posts each week and I really like sharing great content from other bloggers, so no danger of this one disappearing anytime soon.

Posts from the Community

Ty shares a survival guide of what to do if someone you love has terrible taste in anime. Yep, it has caused more couch wars than you can poke a stick at but what do you do if your significant other just has ‘bad’ taste? Well, here’s some suggestions on how to learn to compromise and not insult the person you chose to watch anime with.

Irina has another Natsume Yuujinchou post, this time as part of the OWLS December blog tour on miracles. You already know I’m going to tell you to read this. It is written by Irina, who is amazing. It focuses on Natsume, who is a truly brilliant character and well worth talking about. And it looks at the small miracles that surround both the character and us every day in our lives. Definitely worth the read so go check it out if you missed it.

Natsume Yuujinchou

A Nerdy Perspective writes their reasons for loving Gintama. Now given the fan base for this anime, they aren’t alone, but it is always great to read why someone is enjoying something. After all, a shared love of anime is why most of us blog and read the blogs of others, so a positive post about why something has reached someone is always a pleasant read.

That Random Editor has a list of their top 5 anime endings for the year. List posts are always fun and list posts about openings and endings even more so. This one doesn’t link to the songs unfortunately, however if you’ve watched the anime on the list just reading about it is likely to get the song stuck in your head – so yes, number 2 is now completely trapped in my skull and I’m going to be humming it all day. Anyway, go check out this great list.

Banana Fish Episode 13 Eiji

Bossils reviews the My Hero Academia movie Two Heroes. This is another post that just screams love and enthusiasm for the subject matter and comes with some great images of the characters. Well worth checking out it you share a love for My Hero Academia.

LofZOdyssey has a fairly detailed review of Angolmois. Now this was an anime that flew under the radar while airing and a lot of people bailed on because of the ugly filter over it (I know I complained about it a lot). However, if you want to know what this series got right and what kind of fell apart, this review is definitely the one to check out as it is one of the best I’ve read on the series. 

Angolmois Episode 7

Drey from Soulcial Dreamin’ Ent started the 12 Days of Anime by discussing their love of Bulbusaur. It is always great when someone shares their passion for a particular character and in this case seeing how they grew to love the character was an absolutely wonderful read.

Atelier Emily takes a look at Rei Hino’s character in Sailor Moon (Sailor Mars) and how as a child she couldn’t appreciate the nuances of Rei’s character but as an adult she sees her differently. I will admit, Rei has never been one of my favourite characters in Sailor Moon, but I went through a similar experience in seeing Rei through different eyes when I watched the series as an adult. Really enjoyed reading this post.

Pick of the Week

Two Happy Cats shares a review of Magical Girl Raising Project. This is a more balanced review of this one than we usually see given most people either don’t like it and call it a rip-off of Madoka or claim it is just trying to be edgy for the sake of it, or you have people who like it trying to defend it against those claims. This review just kind of looks at Magical Girl Raising Project for what it is and what it does. Refreshing.

My Posts

No features or series reviews this week. Both will start up again in the new year (taking it easy for Christmas/New Years).

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  1. Hey i enjoyed your blog and reading this post and just began my blog for girls. I was wondering if you would follow my blog and help support my growth and voice as i grow with my blog and make a positive difference in all girls lives everywhere? I have followed you as well Thanks for your consideration and i hope to have you as a follower soon.
    MadGirlzlife, Emorie
    Madmom05- my moms parent blog
    P.s. i am a huge anime fan!

  2. Thank you so much Karandi! It’s been a privilege to have been mentioned a total of 3 times ever since I started blogging. Will definitely miss it but good luck with your other reviews! 🙂

    1. These posts aren’t going, just my weekly summary of what I watched. They mostly just repeated stuff I had said earlier in the week and almost no one read them so it was time to say goodbye.
      These posts I love putting together and I hope there never comes a time where I feel like ending these posts.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! Never actually expected that people are actually reading my lists. I just post whatever’s on my head.

    I wasn’t able to link the songs because some of them gets taken down by copyright as time goes on. Youtube needs to pull itself together.

  4. Thank You for mentioning my post about Bulbasaur >.<. the posts this week were really good reads, everyone is getting better with their posts and it shows. I always enjoy reading your episodic reviews when I can.

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