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Another fine week in the world of anime blogging. Once again I bring you a list of posts that caught my interest throughout the week but as always feel free to add further suggestions in the comments below.

Takuto’s Anime Cafe has a fantastic write up of Shiki. I’ve reviewed the series before but after reading this I know I need t o revisit this series and rewrite the review at some point. If you haven’t watched Shiki before and you are thinking about it, definitely check out this post.

For something a bit different here  The Anime Harvest takes a look at VR and gaming. Particularly looking at the fact that gamers have a tendency to do things developers weren’t really intending them to do and that VR just opens up even more possible ways to find ways to ‘break’ the game.

The Reviewers Corner shares their to 5 favourite pokemon and their reasons and asks others to share theirs. While I’m not a big pokemon fan I quite enjoyed reading this list as it is always fun learning why a character (or in this case a pokemon) appeals to someone.

Atelier Emily takes a look at Rei Kiriyama’s curtains in March Comes in Like a Lion. I found this a really interesting read because I’ve been loving the series and the visual symbolism (my feature this Friday is going to look at this anime and another one this season that’s been a bit interesting on this front). This post though looks at Rei’s mental state and how the curtains (and use of light and dark) really convey this to the audience. Great read.

Heyitszel on Archi-Anime is taking on the 30 day challenge and on Day 1 has featured her very first anime. As it is one that is dear to me I really enjoyed this walk down memory lane.

Prattle has posted their thoughts on Flip Flappers episode 7 and it is interesting to read the thoughts of someone not trying to analyse every thing that happens in the show and someone who is just looking at what is being presented (which from a story point of view hasn’t been much if we’re all being honest). This is an amusingly written write up.

Standing on My Neck has an interesting review of Orange that highlights some of the positives and negatives of the series. This is definitely a more balanced review than mine was on this series because I struggled getting over my irritation for Naho to really look at some of the other elements in the show. If you still haven’t watched Orange and are considering it, you should probably check this review out.

Okay, this post is a little bit dated but I only found it this week thanks to a link on another blog… which I now can’t remember (sorry). Hot Chocolate in a Bowl breaks down some basics of figure skating for all of us watching Yuri on Ice who may have some ideas about skating but generally don’t know the specifics of how or why these characters are getting the scores they are. It was a great read and clarified a few points for me.

Lastly, this week anime news network ran a feature on Natsume Yuujinchou and why it is still going strong five seasons in. While I’ve reviewed this series and am absolutely loving the fifth season, this article was solid reminder about everything that makes Natsume amazing. If you haven’t watched the series (or even if you have), this is an article that you should check out if you haven’t.

And that’s all from me but if you know a post that deserves a shout out please let me know (preferably anime, manga or gaming related).

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  1. While I’m not currently watching it, I really like how into Yuri!! On Ice people are, and how people are getting interested in ice skating. Even people who I would have never expected are getting into it, and it is this season’s “gateway anime” I think. Which is always nice to have new people enter the community. And vice versa, with people starting to get into ice skating as a sport/pastime. I am glad people are making posts helping others learn about ice skating basics and such.

    As always, nice weekly round-up!

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