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Welcome to this week’s round up of amazing blog posts from around the ani-blogging community. We’re well passed the half-way point for the Autumn anime season and very soon I’m going to have to get the polls going for best and worst of the season (and right after that we’re going to have to look at best and worst for the year). It is a busy time. As always though, if you have come across an amazing blog post this week and would like to give it some love, feel free to give it a shout out in the comments below. 

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higurashi main characters

Posts from the Community

Xenodude discusses Goblin Slayer episode 7 and the difference between the violence in this episode compared with episode 1. It is nice now that the sensationalist, knee-jerk reactions are done that the people left following this show, whether they like it or not, are more inclined to look at why the anime has made the choices it has and their impact in a more meaningful way than just wanting to tear it apart. It has ended up leading to some really interesting episode reviews.

Goblin Slayer Episode 7

Jessi Silver from Season 1 Episode 1 wrote a post giving their first impressions of Release the Spyce. If you wanted a detailed look at what Spyce offers in episodes 1, both good and potentially problematic this is a great first episode write up, and because it is a first episode review, not much in the way of spoilers for future plot. If you were considering checking out release the Spyce, this one will make for some interesting reading.

Biblionyan did their final write up of Yuri on Ice. If you’ve been following their blog you probably already caught their initial impressions posts for the episodes and now it all comes together in one fairly enthusiastic and gushing post. That and its a Yuri On Ice post and I definitely need more of those in my life, as does everyone.

Yuri on Ice Episode 8 Yuri and Victor

Astral Gemini has a great write up of the most recent episode of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. It is really awesome seeing how enthused some people are about this anime and this one is such a delight to read as it is clear they are having a great time with it.

While we’re still on Bunny Girl Senpai, Lynn Sheridan has a great first impressions post that covers episodes 1 – 4. For those who still haven’t jumped on the bunny bandwagon, this is a post that may very well convince you that the hype isn’t just hype and this anime is in fact worth trying. So check out the post and then go check out the anime.

Bunny Girl Senpai - Episode 1 - Mai Sakurajima and Sakuta Azusagawa

Not exactly anime, but Matt Doyle media gave me a real nostalgia trip this week with their list of Top 5 Retro Toon Openings, and I really did have these stuck in my head for days after. While some of them might be a bit old school, these are some very classic songs and ones that should not be forgotten. Well worth checking out.

Anime Hajime reviews Caligula and walked away from it in much the same frame of mind I did and for much the same reason. That said, this review makes much more effort to highlight the positives the show brings to the table before it gets to tearing apart the execution of the narrative. If you are curious about Caligula check out this review or check out mine.

Caligula Episode 11

And a late entry from Chris Voyage of Galvanic that I came across yesterday after it linked to me, that I absolutely loved. Alternative media is not creating a post-literate society. This is a must read for all those story lovers out there who consume stories across multiple platforms and forms and find genuine joy and quality narratives in all of them, just as you can find duds and waffle in each of them. A fantastic editorial and one well worth the time.

Pick of the Week

Yomu continues their A-Z of anime and hits us with a review of Jormungand and Jormungand Perfect Order (both fairly underappreciated titles that are truly great to watch). Anyway, there’s plenty of enthusiasm in this review for the arms dealer and her crew so if you’ve never heard of the anime or are curious about it, this is one well worth checking out.


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  1. Thanks for the mention. I’ve almost finished my first impressions of the Fall Season and I’m about to dive into my second session of Bunny Girl Senpai with episodes 5 to 8. Can’t wait.

    1. You’re welcome. Bunny Girl Senpai is definitely my favourite anime this season. Just hoping it manages to remain as good right until the end.

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