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This week went from being incredibly busy to being even more incredibly busy and that was before I drove nine hours across the state to go to a convention. So yeah, my posting schedule fell apart a little from Friday onward but I’m kind of thinking it was worth it. Despite that, I still found the time to read a lot of blogs this week and there were some fantastic posts on offer. Some of the ones that struck my fancy are below, but as always, feel free to throw a link in the comments to any anime related blog post that you feel deserves some extra attention (gaming and movies are okay as well).


Marion Bea wrote a beautiful piece over on Anime Feminist about March Comes in Like a Lion and the importance of having someone on your side. It is a fantastic post that really brings out one of the key themes that runs throughout March Comes in Like a Lion and explores the characters and their connections. I really loved this anime and this post really does capture one of the many brilliant things the anime does, as well as how that relates to the audience and their lives, and it very much worth the read.

This one is definitely more a gaming related post, specifically looking a lot at the Diablo debacle that has unfolded over the internet, but it is a fantastic discussion piece/essay written by Mr Flawfinder of Standing on My Neck about how to deal with negative reactions. In the modern climate it is impossible that companies are going to escape criticism almost regardless of what they do, though some of their incredibly bad decisions in recent times probably haven’t helped, but what has been worse than bad decisions or fan criticism (and there’s been a lot of terrible fan criticism) is how companies have responded. This post takes a step back and looks at what has happened and how companies and creators should be dealing with these situations.

Amari Sali covers episode 5 of Goblin Slayer on their blog, Wherever I Look. What was good about this episode, what wasn’t so great and what are some questions left unanswered? Their review format is nice and succinct making clear points in a logical format and it is always nice to see their thoughts on the currently airing shows. Also, if you’ve never checked out their blog, they cover a huge range of shows (not just anime) so be sure to look at some of their other posts.

Aria from Animanga Spellbook has an opinion piece about not dismissing anime for kids and reasons why sometimes something made for kids can have a lot of appeal to an older audience. She provides plenty of fun examples in her reasons and it is hard to argue with some of the titles she puts forward. It’s a fun post to think about and I’m glad I came across this one this week.

Peach’s Almanac has a great post with their early thoughts on why Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is potentially the best show of the season. There’s a lot of bloggers predicting that (me included) and while there’s plenty that can go wrong yet, this post does a great job at looking at what the anime is doing right. Definitely worth checking out.

Cain S Latrani has a ramble/review about Big Order and why audience expectations are a bit of a curse, as is bad writing and characters. I remember reviewing this show myself when it first aired (here) but I haven’t really given it any thought since, but reading this just reminded me of just how bad it actually was. Still, if you missed this series when it aired, or just want to read an amusing post, check out Cain S Latrani’s post.

Pick of the Week

Kapodaco shares a fantastic list this week looking at ten anime that feature dominantly female leads. He begins the post explaining what he means by that and why some anime that might have sprung to mind won’t be on the list, but ultimately this is a great list that contains some fantastic anime, all of which feature some really interesting female lead characters (even the ones on the list that I’m not so much a fan of are pretty great if they happen to strike your fancy). However, as with any good list, it isn’t what is on the list so much as the reasoning and here you’ll get some great but succinct reasons why the anime took a place in the list. A fun post to read and one I strongly recommend checking out if you missed it. (Added bonus, later in the week he posted a list of OP’s and ED’s he actually likes. Worth checking out.)

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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11 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thanks for including my post. I seem to miss quite a few of Kapodaco’s posts because our timezones don’t synch, so I managed to find something to read.

    In other news, I made the top 10 OP list so it should be out in the first week of December.

    1. You’re welcome. I really liked your first list and had already made it my pick of the week but then I had so much fun reading the next one as well.

  2. Karandi, I’m so sorry I had to stop my financial commitment to you. I love your blog and I’ll try to get back to patronizing in the future. I’m just in a tight financial situation right now.

    1. Don’t worry. I fully understand. I would love to offer support to some bloggers but my current situation doesn’t allow it. Thank you for all the support you have given me.

  3. I had to laugh a bit when you say that you blogging schedule kind of fell apart, and I have still seen quite a few posts from you, as well as seeing you in comments sections all over the place. Seriously, one day you just have to tell me your secret 😂
    I’m glad to hear that the trip has been worth it though. Can’t wait to hear about your weekend! 😊 Hopefully next week will be a little bit less busy for you.
    I don’t think I’ll be around much myself as there I have three evenings where I have things planned after work. But I will try to keep up as best I can, but it’s definitely going to be a busy week 😊 Anways as I said, I hope your week is going to be a little bit more relaxing! 😊

    1. Next week will be a traibwreck because I will be catching up from having 2 days off and the only anime I have watched since Thursday was SAO. Still, totally worth it. Just prepping for the long drive home.

      1. Ugh…well, I hope it will not be too bad for you. Take care as much as you can, don’t work too hard 😊
        Glad to hear the trip was totally worth it though! 😊

        1. If I make it home in under ten hours I plan to put a short post up about the weekend this evening. If I hit delays, roadworks or a kangaroo (all possibilities) my next post will be tomorrow because I have nothing scheduled.

          1. Well, just drive safely and really no rush at all. Take all the time you need 😊 Your safety is much more important, and so is your health 😊

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