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Welcome to another week where I share some fantastic blog posts that I came across last week. Now, it might just be me but it feels like recently there’s been a little bit of a slow down in activity in the ani-blogging community, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a lot of quality posts to find. As always, feel free to link to an anime related blog post you’d like to give a shout out to in the comments (I love finding new posts) and hopefully you find something fun to read in the list below.


Otaku She Wrote has a beautiful post this week focusing on how Banana Fish has played with standard gendered archetypes through the characters of Ash, Eiji and Yut-Lung.  This post makes for a great read highlighting some of the obvious moments within Banana Fish but also drawing attention to some of the smaller detail work that supports how these characters have been constructed and framed. Well worth the time if you’ve been watching the anime.

Xenodude has a pretty fun write up of Goblin Slayer episode 3 for those who are wondering how its been travelling. I enjoyed reading this as it gave enough information about what happened in the episode while also giving their impressions. I don’t feature episode reviews often enough in this list so I’m glad I remembered to include this one.

Rai’s Anime Blog has an interesting discussion piece about fat shaming and the focus on body image in Japan and draws on a range of sources to frame its musings. There are some interesting observations made and the article raises some interesting questions and more importantly makes me think about the anime I’ve seen and just how many of them do include these sorts of practices. A great read if you missed it.

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews shares 5 Psychological Horror Anime worth checking out. While I’m not sure about the horror aspect, I know that this list has some really great anime that all have quite a bit to say about life and society. While there’s a couple I haven’t seen, the ones I have are all very much worth checking out and the two I haven’t seen are already on my watch list.

Irina shares her thoughts on Parasyte just in time for Halloween. And while there are a lot of times that binge watching a show will help to fix up some of the pacing issues, apparently binging Parasyte leads to making some of its tonal shifts a lot harder to take. I’ve never actually tried to binge the show usually watching it in two to three episode chunks which seems to be about right in terms of enjoying it but there’s probably a reason I’ve had enough after two or three episodes. Anyway, great post.

Lyn Sheridan has a great right up of Overlord Season Three. The format here really helps just get to the point of what the show is about, what works, what doesn’t, and an overall impression and mostly it just made me want to try Overlord again at some point given I stopped watching back in season one (I didn’t drop, I just didn’t watch anymore). Anyway, this is a nice on point write up and one I enjoyed reading.

A Piece of Anime visits Steins;Gate 0 and looks at the idea of challenging fate. It’s a really great post and one that really looks at Okabe’s character and the choices he made throughout both Steins;Gate and 0 and how he ended up where he did. It also links nicely back to the choices we make everyday in our lives. All and all, an excellent post to read (spoilers if you haven’t seen Steins;Gate 0).

Marshmellow Pastel has an interesting post about the heavy use of technobabble and jargon in a number of titles this Autumn season. It is something I’ve noticed as well and despite liking SAO in general, the exposition dump in episode one was really cringe worthy and fairly much a prime example of technobabble at work. Really fun post to read. Though, lets be honest, in a season with a new Index anime no one is going to out jargon that show.

Pick of the Week

Right, so I’m really cheating this week as I link to Scott’s post on Mechanical Anime Reviews about Natsume Yuujinchou where he discusses Natsume’s sense of pacifism. The reason this is kind of a cheat is because while this is a fantastic post on its own, it is the start of a week of Natsume posts that Scott coordinated between a number of bloggers (myself included) and the links to the other posts are at the end of this one. There were some really great posts that came out this week about Natsume and they are definitely worth checking out if you missed any of them.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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13 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thank you so much for including my post! 🙂

    And thanks for compiling this post. It looks like there are some really interesting pieces I need to check out now 😀

  2. Thanks for the recognition!

    I would have mentioned A Certain Magical Index, but I haven’t watched past season one yet. But yeah, it is absolutely legendary in its technobabble. Though it frustrated me when I first watched it a few months ago, by now I find it somehow endearing. The earnest commitment to all of the nonsense words is kind of cute. An incomplete survey of ridiculous words from season one:

    Salvare000. Necessarius. Innocentius. Deep Blood. Power of God. Ars Magna. John’s Pen. Imaginary Number Sector – Five Elements Institution. Fortis931. St. George’s Sanctuary. Annihilatus. Angel’s Fall. Lance of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. Stigma. Kabbalah. An Involuntary Movement Dispersion Field.

    It’s all impossible to keep track of. At one point, a character asks “Have you forgotten the name of this grand spell?”

    I had to immediately reply: Yes.

    1. There’s definitely an absolute commitment to the technobabble in Index. In season one is was kind of cute, but watching season 3 I’m wondering how on Earth I’ve made it this far in watching it and yet for some reason I still kind of enjoy it.

  3. Yes, agreed about post of the week. It really was the huge effort of all bloggers involved (including you) in creating some fantastic posts that deserves that spot. Cheating? Oh well.

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I was really going over the horror aspect either which I think I mentioned in the post itself.

    1. Horror or not, it was a great list of anime.
      Thanks again for organising Natsume week. I know we all had a great time preparing our contributions and talking about the anime.

  4. Great post and thanks for the mention. I recently changed my review format so I’m glad it reads well. I took some ideas from the 30 day challenge formats and applied to my season reviews.

  5. I really enjoyed this week’s Natsume week. A lot of those posts touched my heart, and I was glad to have read them (not to mention the fact that all of them served in pushing the show in general up on my to watch list).
    Can’t say that I have noticed a slowdown to be honest, but I think you follow more animeblogs than I do, so maybe you notice it sooner than me 😊

    1. It could just be me, but my reader hasn’t been bringing up as many posts as usual recently (though that could be the reader). There’s also been more than a few ‘going on hiatus’ posts recently.

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