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Another week down in the Autumn Anime season and a lot of anime have made their mark on the community in just a few weeks with plenty of discussion. I will admit, things got a bit busy for me this week so the list below is a little short but hopefully you enjoy some of these posts I found. As always, feel free to give someone a shout out in the comments below if there’s a post you feel needs a bit more love and attention.


Matt and Irina are collaborating this season sharing their thoughts on Dakaichi and last week they covered episode 2. These two work great together and the back and forth between them is always enjoyable. Really enjoying their coverage so far for this season and looking forward to their next post.

Astral Gemini reviews episode 2 of Zombieland Saga and really enjoyed it. If you didn’t watch the first episode or were on the fence about whether you should give it a go, this review might convince you there’s some fun to be had, at least so far, with the show. And while my own views on the show aren’t quite so favourable after the follow up episodes, I still really enjoyed this post.

Shallow Dives in Anime takes a look at How Not To Summon a Demon Lord and how it did everything we expect from the isekai and harem genres but managed to do them in an engaging way. The write up is a bit of a rave but that’s to be expected given the surprise hit that the show became during the Summer season. Anyway, if you want to know what is good about the show, this is a great post to check out.

Matt Doyle found a great infographic to share and added his own list of AI’s in movies. There’s even an anime in the list so I’m not entirely cheating here. Whichever way, if you have a soft spot for AI’s and enjoy the range of ideas these characters explore in movies than this post is definitely for you.

We Be Bloggin’ looks at Deku’s idea of heroics in comparison to Bakugo’s in this My Hero Academia themed post that leaves you with a lot to think about in terms of what it actually means to be a hero. This one was a fun read and definitely got me thinking about Midoriya’s ongoing evolution as a character striving to become the greatest hero.

Watashi wa Bucho took a look at what Assassination Classroom taught them. This was a timely find given I just re-examined this anime myself for an updated review and I really enjoyed this read. There’s a lot to be gained from watching the anime and seeing the lessons someone else has taken away was great fun.

Never Argue with a Fish takes a look at the mess that is Caligula and more or less sums up what my thoughts were on the series (I still haven’t actually written the final review, it is in my drafts list though so I’ll finish it at some point). If you want to know why you should probably just save yourself some time though, this review is fairly good at pointing out the flaws in the show without being a rant.

Pick of the Week

Chris Voyage over on Galvanic looks at their problem with reincarnation endings. Now I really enjoyed this post, and not just because it linked back to my own post about reincarnation as a narrative device, but because it looked long and hard about the emotional impact of reincarnation on the audience and how in a lot of cases it really just misses the mark. All and all, it is a great read with a range of examples and a great start of a discussion about whether you like or dislike your characters reincarnating at the end of their story.

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And that was my week, in case you missed it.

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