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Well last week was interesting. So many new shows starting, lots of first impressions, and the first episode of Goblin Slayer blew up twitter and the internet early in the week before finally dying down toward the end of the week. That said my list of posts I found this week is kind of divided into cool posts I found and a selection of posts that provide a range of viewpoints on the first episode of Goblin Slayer and avoid just being rants. As always, feel free to link posts in the comments below if you feel they deserve a shout out (everyone likes finding great new posts to read).


A new blog I found this week after they followed me called For the Otaku had a great post about Perfect Blue. It looks at a couple of different aspects of it, such as the use of colour, the comment on society and the characters. A nicely detailed post, it does contain spoilers if you haven’t watched, but is a fantastic read.

Bossils on Anime Review has a review of Is It wrong to Pick Up Girls in The Dungeon. Okay I love this anime and I really enjoyed reading this review of someone who clearly had some fun watching it as well. There’s some great images shared and some reminders of some of the most epic moments which just made me want to go and watch the thing again. There are a few minor spoilers but nothing too detailed so if you are curious about the anime it is well worth a look.

Nice Job Breaking it Hero gives us a nice Halloween themed post with 5 Steps for Surviving an Ito Junji Horror. It is a great survival guide for getting through most horror stories and its written in a very amusing way with some great images to accompany it. Definitely one to check out for the Halloween season.

Standing on My Neck has a great write up discussing Planet With and whether or not it is actually a sleeper hit from the Summer. As usual, the style of this write up is incredibly interesting to read, if at time a little blunt, but it raises some valid points about the anime being discussed, the fan base, other anime that are either similar or contrast with it, and viewer expectations in general. Planet With is one of those anime I need to catch up on from last season and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Irina over on I Drink and Watch Anime brings us another thought provoking post and asks whether character tropes can simultaneously be celebratory and exploitative. I’m amazed how week after week Irina manages to come up with such interesting blog topics and they are always a delight to read.

And finally, before we get onto the topic of the week, Weekend Otaku made an appearance this week (Yay!) and wrote an excellent response piece to another article that did the rounds on Twitter. It’s called ‘The Troubling Relationship Between Anime and Western Viewers‘ and it looks at some of the claims from the original article and expresses a different point of view. I did already share this one via Twitter so a lot of my readers have probably already seen it, but if you missed it, the post is well worth checking out.

Now Let’s Round Up Some Posts on Goblin Slayer:

David from Another Anime Review, and another blog that I’ve only newly followed has a great post explaining why he liked the Goblin Slayer anime (or at least the first episode). Given the very mixed reception that first episode has gotten, it has been interesting to see some of these style posts that thoughtfully explain the reviewer’s feelings toward the show and why. This one was great to read and if you are worried the show will put you off, the explanation here will probably let you know whether or not you should try the first episode or whether it is content you’d rather avoid.

And another opinion on Goblin Slayer, this one from CS Radical, that looks directly at the rape scene and the lack of warnings or ratings on streaming services. Again, this post isn’t about insulting or attacking people with a different opinion (although it does share tweets from some people who are being a little bit flippant about things), it is a post expressing an opinion about the scene and how it was presented and a look at an issue that is actually an issue digital media and allowing consumers to make informed choices.

Cactus Matt on Anime Q & A also weighs in on the first episode of Goblin Slayer and the question and answer format allows Matt to share a viewpoint as well as to raise some of the other arguments which makes this an interesting read. By and large Matt questions whether the explicit visuals that accompanied the rape actually added anything to the scene that couldn’t have been accomplished by implication and it is an interesting question to throw into the mix of commentary around this episode.

AstralGemini on the Zodiac Room shares their view on the first episode of Goblin Slayer and mounts a defence of the show because they loved it. This one is written by a fan of the light novels so very much looks at what this first episode sets up (in a general way, no specific spoilers). I will admit, this is the post that I most connected with having also read the light novels and also really enjoyed the episode.

Now for someone sitting right in the middle, Xenodude has his first impressions of Goblin Slayer and while he found the dark and edgy a bit too much a bit too gratuitous, there were elements of the first episode (particularly the second half) that he didn’t mind. This is such a rarity of the week, a Goblin Slayer review that isn’t completely for it or against it (though I guess Cactus Matt kind of did that as well). Anyway, if you want a review of the episode that lets you know what you are in for (and does highlight some of the problems people have encountered with the content) but isn’t just a rant, this is a great one to check out.

And if you want a fairly level headed discussion about why people were upset and how the episode actually presents the rape and murder of children then I’d firmly suggest checking out WeeabroDerek’s post aptly named: Goblin Slayer is Graphic and that’s Alright, Right? This one had the benefit of coming out after a lot of the fireworks and so considers the whole situation from a wider perspective and it ends up being a pretty great read for those who either liked or didn’t like the episode.

Pick of the Week

In Asian Spices delivered another Natsume themed post this week looking at Madara and some of the legends and folk lore that may underpin the yokai in the anime. I really enjoyed their previous post looking at Nyanko-Sensei’s cat form so this was just a great follow up, really well written and informative. A must read for Natsume fans.

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12 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Always appreciate the mention, Karandi! I’m glad you liked my post on Goblin Slayer, and I’ve read most of the other posts on this list, as well! A really great selection of awesome posts from talented authors.

    1. I tried to cover a fair range of views though there were a lot of posts I passed over because they just came across as hostile (whether they were for or against the show). At least Goblin Slayer got people talking.

  2. I read the goblin slayer Light Novel as well, and, yeah. It could use some warnings about the graphics, but it’s still pretty good. Most fantasy-action anime are about being the strongest and defeating the strongest characters, but this isn’t as much of being the best. Same goes for Re:Zero.

  3. Thanks for the kind mention! It’s very gratifying to be mentioned on and alongside sites which I myself enjoy and read.

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