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It is the premiere week and one full of possibilities and fun. So many bloggers are active for the start of the season and whether they are giving first impressions of new shows, wrapping up the previous season, or just doing what they want to do, there has been a lot to read, which is fantastic. Below are some of the posts that caught my eye this week but really there are dozens more that could be on the list so please feel free to give a shout out to any posts that caught your eye in the comments below.

However, a small celebration is in order. This is apparently my 100th In Case You Missed It post. That seems a little surreal to me but I’m glad I’ve kept this post series going as it is one of the most rewarding parts of the week sharing some really great posts.


Yomu continues their A – Z anime with a review of Cross Ange this week. This is an anime that received some very mixed reviews on release and as a result I still haven’t gotten around to it. I had a lot of fun reading this post about it and it has made me curious enough to try to move Cross Ange up my watching priority list. For anyone else on the fence about the anime, this post is worth checking out as it gives you an idea of the good and the bad that this anime has to offer.

For Megane Day, Irina wrote a fantastic piece on Ginoza from Psycho Pass. It is a really brilliant read and one well worth checking out. That said, there are definitely plot spoilers if you are one of the six people left who haven’t watched Psycho Pass, and on that note, go watch Psycho Pass. Still, fantastic post from Irina.

Xenodude has his first impressions of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and I’m pretty much in agreement about how this one went. That said, if you were wondering what this anime offers in its first episode, this is a fairly reasonable post to read with enough to give you an impression without recapping the whole episode. Be sure to check it out if you are curious about the anime.

One of my new followers this week I had never visited their blog before but I’m really glad I did after they followed because it let me read this fantastic post. In Asian Spaces has a post all about Nyanko Sensei (from Natsume Yuujinchou) and the Maneki Neko and the post seems to be the first in a series focusing on the yokai from Natsume. I’m hoping the other posts appear because this was a great find and a great read.

Sean on Moe Sucks regularly has some very strong opinions about shows and quite a unique writing style that makes me smile even when I’m not agreeing with the content, but I couldn’t help but find myself nodding along as I read his first impressions of Between the Sea and Sky. He kind of nailed everything wrong with it and put into words exactly why I won’t be going back for a second episode. Though, I thought his opening line on his review of Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet was pretty hilarious as well. Incidentally, if you want seasonal coverage of anime that doesn’t sugar coat things, this is a great blog to follow.

Jon Spencer starts to get us ready for the Halloween season with 10 anime recommendations for the season. So many of my very favourite shows ended up on this list and I loved reading Jon’s explanations for inclusion. If you are looking for something to binge for October, this is a great list to check out.

Anima&Anime has a fantastic post about episode 1 of March Comes in Like a Lion and the choices in direction and contrast that are used within the episode. No surprises that I love the show, but this post really looks at the visual elements that make this show work very early on. It was a great post to read and one that made me want to go and watch the show all over again.

Kyra on Kyra Desu Yo has a great post, Kotoba 2, that teaches us about some of the phrases that have cropped up in anime over the last week. Much like the series they write where they deconstruct character names, this post is really clearly laid out and the information is easy to digest. So if you want to learn a little while watching anime, this is a great place to start.

And, if you want to read perhaps the best review ever of Cells at Work, well it certainly has the best description of the platelets that I’ve ever read, then I suggest you check out John Samuel’s review on Pirates of the Burley Griffin. The great review would be enough of a reason to check this post out, but there’s also an embedded video of the OP and another video discussing the show from a medical point of view.

Lastly, this is a tweet that Mel shared with us as part of Inktober and I just had to share:


Pick of the Week

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews has his write up of the My Hero Academia movie and gives us a bit of a recap of his experience going to see it on the big screen. This is a post bursting with passion and enthusiasm and it is a delight to read. He does acknowledge some of the issues with the movie but the focus is very much on the fandom and the fun.

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And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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21 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

    1. That’s fair enough. I try to do that with shows I’m really excited about as well. Most things I don’t mind if I read about them first because if they aren’t good knowing what happens, then they probably weren’t good. But for some things you just want to experience it fresh.

  1. Great roundup this week (and not only because I’m in it). Anything that Scott write is always a pleasure to read and that Nyanko post was awesome!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the shout out. I’m truly touched you enjoyed the post so much! I have more coming soon (=

    Also congrats on 100 of the ‘in case you missed it’ posts! What a great read. I’m going to check some of these bloggers out. Thank you again!!

  3. Wow, the 100th time for this post?? That is really amazing! I love reading these, and it’s always nice to check out some new content that I might otherwise not know about. It really has been a great week with some very cool posts. Scott’s review was really great to read, could not agree with you more about the enthuisiasm contained within it 😊 I think I speak for all of us when I say it’s really awesome that you do these posts every week: so thank you 😊😊

    1. I really enjoy putting these posts together because there are always so many great posts I want to share with people. I didn’t actually know how many of these I had done but because I don’t change the post name week to week, they just add a number to the title to differentiate the posts and I realised we hit 100. That’s kind of exciting given I started this series of posts on a whim but they’ve become something I look forward to putting out each week.

      1. Well, it’s really a great thing that you are doing, and to have done it a 100 times now is truly a spectacular milestone indeed 😊 Really something that you should be incredibly proud of: I mean that 😊😊

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