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It’s been another fun and exciting week in blogging about anime. I’ve come across a lot of posts that have been interesting to read, made me think, or just brought a smile to my face, though I must admit after a certain event in the US a lot of bloggers seem to have either taken a break or have changed their post focus this week. Here’s another round of links to some of the posts I’ve come across over the last seven days that I found particularly note worthy. As always, feel free to add a link to a post you think should get a mention (preference for anime, manga or gaming posts thanks).

The Mad Narrator shares their top 5 Death Note characters. Great to see some characters other than L and Light get some attention in this well explained list.

On Japanime Talks we get a list of 8 reasons to drop an anime. I’m going to be honest that I’m probably guilty of watching an anime after meeting almost all of these reasons simultaneously. Once I get past a certain point dropping seems almost impossible so I enjoyed reading this list and thinking about all the anime I probably shouldn’t have put myself through (Taboo Tattoo is definitely topping that list at the moment).

Standing on my Neck looks at March Comes in Like a Lion and asks how much character focus is too much? While I don’t actually agree with all of their points I really enjoyed reading this and thinking about shows and how they balance plot and characters (or don’t balance them). It’s definitely an interesting post to check out.

Jon SPencer shares his thoughts on the first 5 episodes of Lostorage Incited WIXOSS. He makes a great case for why even those people who haven’t watched the other WIXOSS anime can and should watch this one.

Cain S Latrani writes about SAO and why it is hated and why it is okay to love it. As a long time SAO fan (yet I am not blind to the show’s flaws) I found this a great read as it does address the criticisms as well as the strengths of the show quite well and it was amusingly written.

Minute Art does a nice character deconstruction of Yuri from Yuri on Ice and how his character has evolved during the first few episodes of the show. This post kind of captures the reason this show is grabbing its audience (other than the obvious reasons).

Lita Kino on anime corner counters the notion that anime has lost its spark. It’s an interesting read on the changing nature of the industry as well as the voice of anime fans.

Anime Feminist looks at Gender Performance in Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju and Yuri on Ice. It’s an interesting discussion about the way the two shows construct characters that defy some gendered norms while possibly falling into other stereotypes and was a really interesting read.

Anime Seiko shares their thoughts on Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. I reviewed this series previously but feel this is an interesting post that highlights the series strengths while not glossing over the flaws. If you are still tossing up whether to watch the show this is a good read.

Arria Cross on Fujinsei has a great article giving us 10 reasons why it’s awesome to be an anime fan (with the promise of a follow up on why it sucks next week). Seriously jump over and check this article out because as an anime fan it will make you smile.

D Talks Anime takes a critical look at the female characters of Parasyte the Maxim. As someone who also really disliked the portrayal of pretty much every female in the show I really enjoyed this read.

Alright, that’s it from me this week but please leave your recommendations below.

13 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thank you for the shout out! This is the first time someone has linked one of my reviews so I REALLY appreciate it! Keep up the great work, I found a lot of interesting reads here!

    1. No problem. I really enjoyed your article about WIXOSS. I’ve been enjoying the show but I’m not really giving it that much thought so it was nice to see a more detailed article on it.

  2. I really appreciate posts like these (just like Arria’s blog carnival). I’ve been following a lot of sites, bloggers, youtubers, and communities that’s it really is hard to keep up with the amount of new posts week after week.

  3. Thank you again for the shout out. Much appreciated.

    Also, fair warning, as an American, I will have a single post this coming week dedicated the the election, after which I go back to ignoring politics in general. I don’t like politics, not even a little, but it’s one of those things I felt compelled to speak on.

    Much rather talk about anime and Dungeons & Dragons, though.

    1. I must admit I was very tempted during the election in Australia to write a post about it but decided that I haven’t used my blog for real world ideas any other time so I could just leave that off. That said, I kind of see why this American election is causing quite a few people to feel compelled to comment.

  4. Thank you for the mention.

    I read and enjoyed some of the articles you’ve listed but there are a couple I missed. Will go check them out now.

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