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A new season started and people are all trying to figure out what to watch, what to pass on, and just why there are so many idol stories (sorry, that last one was just me). It’s been another great week for blogging so once again I’m sharing some of my favourite reads for the week below. Feel free to add a link to a great post (related to anime, manga or gaming) in the comments below.

First up, Arria Cross on Fujinsei held another carnival and while it is too late to add your post you should definitely hop on over and read through the comments to find some amazing posts to read. I want to thank Arria for hosting this as it is an excellent chance to meet more bloggers and to read some great posts. In honesty that kind of gives most of you enough to read without the other links below, but read on anyway.

On Kyra Desu Yo they regularly post information explaining the meaning of different anime character names. I really enjoy these posts and learning from them. There summer wrap up post includes a break down of some of the cast from New Game.

Weekend Otaku has an excellent write up for Black Butler 2. Those of you who read my review will know that I openly hated this sequel which made it hard to really look at it as a series. This review gives a nice, balanced discussion about it and is well worth checking out.

If you are wanting to be reminded of some really catchy openings, or just think about which is your favourite, Yamishikimoon’s Blog has a list of 25 Anime Openings they never skipped.

NEETaku had something to say about One Piece and the run-time and amzingly enough they weren’t complaining about the number of episodes. It certainly got me thinking about episode formats.

Bravo’s Babbles gives a nice run down of the new release episodes for Autumn and their thoughts on them. If you are still sitting on the fence maybe hop on over and have a read.

Kurumi over on KurumiShim has a nice write up about Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma). For those who still haven’t seen the first season this might be the review that tips you.

The Glorioblog took a First Look at Magical Girl Raising Project and were fairly scathing (though, I’ll have to admit justified in their reasoning) in their view of the show. While I attempted to give episode 1 the benefit of the doubt, they went for the jugular. Well worth reading for those still deciding on this show.

Scoopious has a fun post about their Top 3 Male Characters which was a fun read and of course not bad to look at either. I don’t know if I could ever do this topic for a top 5 because while I can pick top 5 guys who (have red hair or similar) just picking 5 anime guys for a top list just seems way too hard.

Katrinasade over on Grimmgirl shared a really rational discussion about rape culture and how it is shown in Love Stage. This was a really interesting read and if you watched the anime you probably should go on over and check it out.

D Talks Anime has an interesting post about Noragami and the way it deals with issues like bullying and suicide. While I really love this anime and I didn’t find it all that problematic, D gives an excellent break down of the implications of some of the events and their solutions. It’s spoiler heavy (and labelled that way) but if you’ve watched the series it might be worth checking out to give you a different perspective on it.

Lastly, from The Anime Harvest, a discussion about magical girl shows in the post Madoka era which I found an interesting read.

What are some of your favourite posts from the week?

8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Hello Karandi!

    Glad to not only see you always around my blog, but to see a mention here. I appreciate it! Really nice list here, in special the Noragami post by D.

    Thanks as always, keep up the good work!

  2. This post totally surprised me. Thanks for mentioning my blog. Never did I expect from an awesome blog like yours would at least appreciate one of my posts. I am deeply flattered and feel more motivated to make reviews and lots. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. I find these posts really helpful since you usually have a good assortment of posts that are worth reading. And yeah, it’s flattering to be featured among them .

  4. Thank you so much for the mention! I am really flattered that you enjoyed the review enough to point it out, especially since we all know how you felt about BB2. Never let anyone say Karandi is biased.

    1. I really do enjoy reading different opinions as it makes me think about why I formed my own opinions. I seldom change my mind but I like the reflection process. Thanks for giving me a different view on this series.

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