In Another World With My Smartphone Episodes 2 + 3: Touya to the Rescue


Review Episode 2:

I think the best way to describe this show is lighthearted. It isn’t taking itself seriously, nor is it trying to be a serious comedy. It’s walking very obviously through seen tropes but it isn’t trying to apologise for that or subvert them. It’s just telling the story it wants to tell whether we’ve seen something similar before or not.


Basically, it is a very relaxing viewing experience if you are used to in another world type stories with an all-powerful protagonist who can do literally anything surrounded by a bunch of cute girls who for whatever reason admire him. None of the characters are too obnoxious but they aren’t so bland they disappear either. Just don’t pay too much attention to gender roles or equality because the show isn’t going to come out of that kind of scrutiny well. I’m on board with this. It isn’t a show I’m going to recommend overly but I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes.

Review Episode 3:


The first part of this episode seems decidedly fillery but does make it clear that Touya’s connection to the Duke wasn’t a one-off thing as they now regularly visit and give updates. Despite having a lack of any real conflict, it was nice seeing the characters go about their day-to-day before we moved to part two and another adventure.


I liked that they managed to finish their mission pretty easily and then openly looked for more trouble (well, they were looking for treasure but the two kind of go hand in hand in this kind of story). I also like that Touya isn’t just learning a spell and using it once before we never see it again. He’s combining the spells we’ve seen him use previously as well as adding new spells to his repertoire.


This continues to just be lighthearted fun (even with the King being poisoned, it is impossible to take any of the dangers faced here seriously) and hopefully it can continue to be entertaining.

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5 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone Episodes 2 + 3: Touya to the Rescue

    1. It’s not awful on its on feet.

      Just don’t start comparing it to every other show it takes note of, because that’s when it goes from 0 to 100 awful real quick!

    2. But like most genres for all that htere is a lot of derivative rubbish, there’s also some good stuff to be found. I won’t argue that this is brilliant, but it is certainly enjoyable so far.

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