In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 9: Behold the Great and Powerful Touya



There’s genuinely no way to ignore the breast groping segment of this episode. While this show has definitely hit fan service points before just for the sake of having them, this is probably the first time I’ve actively wanted to stop watching the show because of a fan service moment. It was just incredibly unnecessary and intrusive into what was otherwise a pretty good episode. Yae’s brother and father have gotten caught up in a war and now Touya’s going to walk in and end it in about five minutes.


Yeah, that’s probably why there are the unnecessary clutter moments in this episode. There is no challenge in this world for Touya as he is incredibly and ridiculously overpowered and while mostly that’s been amusing, this episode really needed to put something in his path to at least slow down the resolution as maybe that would have meant they wouldn’t have needed to have ‘that’ particular scene go on as long as it did.


And once again, we have some fairly casual violence and just kind of dismiss the fact that the guy Touya beat in an entirely unfair fashion crumbles into dust.

Definitely not the best episode this show has offered us.

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3 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 9: Behold the Great and Powerful Touya

  1. For someone who views fanservice like comedy, even that scene has put me off as it really is not necessary by any means…

    Like, it could have been a ten second scene. That would have made it much better. Nothing is worse than dragging timeslot for fanservice. If rather listen to Goku scream til he becomes Super Saiyan 3.

    1. Yeah, I’m not overly sensitive to fanservice, but they just went on and on and it wasn’t particularly amusing and it served no purpose so it was just really annoying and unnecessary.

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