In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 12: They Actually Did It



Wow. I did not see that ending coming even when last week seemed like this show was actually going to address the harem issue (where so few shows ever just admit that there is a harem even when it is obvious). Taking it straight and just having the girls outright ask Touya to make them all his wife is a refreshing change from the usual outcome where the protagonist remains oblivious or really only has one girl they are interested in leaving the others hanging without resolution.

Touya though is still a slow protagonist cliché and of course asks the girls for time to think about it and ends up consulting the god who sent him into this world in the first place. I hadn’t really realised that the Gate power technically made that possible, but that of course raises the question of whether Touya can gate back to the real world or not… But even if he did would he then be stuck because magic doesn’t work in our world? That’s a whole other line of thinking so moving on.


That god passes Touya on to the god of love who points out she’s responsible for setting up clichés (so there’s our lame excuse for the show having Touya walking in on the girls in the bath earlier in the season). It is kind of amusing because as always the show delivers this absurdity as if it is the most natural thing in the world and then moves on. I like the way this show just sets up its jokes, delivers them with conviction and then continues on playing it straight. It’s a refreshing change from self-aware shows that feel the need to celebrate their own cleverness.


At the end of this episode Touya makes his decision (though still asks the girls to wait until they are all older which to be honest is also kind of nice). I do like that the group outside who discuss Touya and point out that it has been predicted he’s going to end up with 9 wives. Poor Touya, he can barely handle the four girls he is now engaged to.

They then give us so post credit sequel bait so it would be nice to know if this will ever continue on. As much as this show is a stupid comedy full of clichés and tropes that we’ve seen a million times before, it just clicked for me so I’d kind of like some more of it even if I’m not exactly going to highly recommend it. I will get around to a full series review of this at some point.

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11 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 12: They Actually Did It

      1. Definitely some quite heavy fan service in this one and probably the aspect of the show I could have done without. Still, it wasn’t unwatchable and I enjoyed the majority of what this delivered outside of the fan-service.

  1. Awe! I just caught myself up through your reviews and I had this in my que. I think you might have just saved a block in my life to use elsewhere. I will keep it there if I ever want to shoot the shite, but great review and thanks for the save!

    1. Yeah, this isn’t a rush out and must watch series. It also isn’t as bad as some people claim. I quite enjoyed it, but there’s definitely better thing you could find to watch.

  2. It got a bit too squicky for me towards the end (plus also Grand Tour) so I dropped it just before I left. Good to know that the show remained honestly shite and reveling in being so.

    1. Yep, it never got any better (though did get worse a couple of times), I wouldn’t really recommend it, and yet I actually had a great time watching it for most of the season with one or two exceptions for scenes that were just a bit too drawn out of silly for me to stomach.

  3. I’ve not watched this series yet, but from a few of your episode reviews, you’re tempting me to try this out for some ‘stupid’ fun. 😛 (though I usually don’t make the effort to watch harem type series)

    1. Stupid fun is probably a good description. If you try it you’ll either find this show hopelessly generic or pretty funny as there really aren’t many original ideas in this but it plays on the standard tropes very well. A few fan servicey moments that are a bit cringey though along the way.

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