In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 10: Beach Episode



You probably don’t need any further information about this given the story so far. Imagine Touya and the whole female dominated cast of this show go to the beach. Done. Go for beach volleyball, swim suit mishaps, and leading questions to ensure appropriate awkward responses and blushing.


There is the slightly more interesting side story of Touya summoning the Black Emperor to assist with the whole investigating the underwater ruins and this was probably the only moment this episode that actually made me laugh give Touya’s combination of programming and slip. That’s a way to win a fight even if it is a little underhanded.


Otherwise though, very little to see here unless you actually like beach episodes.

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Karandi James.


3 thoughts on “In Another World With My Smartphone Episode 10: Beach Episode

    1. And was probably the best part of this episode. More importantly, if I could steal any character’s magic power, this would be the one I’d want at this point in time. Not actually dangerous to the person you are using it on (unless you use it on someone hwo is like 80), but amusing and a great way to vent.

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