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It should be clear relatively quickly, that this post is not intended to be taken seriously because obviously the question ‘if you were in an anime’ cannot really be answered seriously. That doesn’t mean I didn’t spend serious amounts of time pondering this question.

I’m sure you’ve also wondered before what life would be like if you were the protagonist in an anime. I realised that all my examples are from fantasy anime so I’ll have a look at a different genre soon. I’m sure other people have thought about this so I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

If you were in an anime…

Stage One: You would begin life unremarkably. You might be the ordinary guy/gal next door or the ditz or the loner, but you aren’t interesting enough to really make any kind of impact on anyone. For example:

  • Look at Serena/Usagi from Sailor Moon. She was just an ordinary, blonde girl with below average test scores.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach? Other than a crazed father and a penchant for violence, his life was as unremarkable as they came. Even his seeing ghosts didn’t really get a rise out of most bystanders.
  • Sakura from Cardcaptors? While she’s unfortunately cursed to forever be attached to the 90’s Rollerblade craze her day-to-day life held zero interest.
  • Shibuya Yuuri from Kyou Kara Maou. He’s an ex-baseball player with a conscience which leads to his head being flushed down a toilet but otherwise there’s nothing of note about him (something that even other characters in the show remark on at times).

Stage 2: Some person or event occurs that changes your life forever. Maybe it was a preordained act of destiny, or maybe it was just random chance, or it might be some weird combination, but once the change occurs there is no going back. Some examples from anime:

  • Serena meets Luna who awakens her as a Sailor Scout.
  • Ichigo meets Rukia, who after being injured by a hollow gives Ichigo her Shinigami powers so he can save his family.
  • Sakura releases the cards and is then recruited by the guardian to captured them.
  • Yuuri is flushed straight into another world where he meets Konrad who tells him he is going to be the next demon king.

Stage Three: You undergo a dramatic transformation while fighting to hold on to your own sense of identity. This transformation is sometimes quite literal as the magical girls of the world know all too well, but other times it is a transformation of purpose and drive. Our examples:

  • Serena becomes Sailor Moon, Champion of Love and Justice. Well she has a cute outfit at least. She does eventually evolve into a champion.
  • Sakura’s transformation is more subtle as it is more about the direction her life goes in and how she deals with things. The outfits are simply a ‘perk’ (or an obsession from a rich friend).
  • Ichigo transforms into a shinigami (kind of). While this allows him to fight low level hollows, it’s going to be a very bumpy ride before he reaches his true potential.
  • Yuuri transforms literally and metaphorically. He is made the demon king but has to keep working to keep war from breaking out between demons and humans. However, make him mad enough and the maou really will appear and he definitely isn’t a push-over.

By the way, Sakura isn’t forced by magic to wear those outfits. No, she is the victim of an overly nice friend who really just wants to help her capture the cards, and video tape Sakura in cute outfits.

Stage Four: Now you have transformed you must face your destiny. It is nice how destiny always appears just when you are ready to face it. Whether it be an enemy, a politcal ideal, or the saving of a friend, you must rush onward to save the day. And just note, the consequences of failure are too horrendous to even discuss, so don’t fail.

  • Yuuri, just save the world for humans and demons and keep a war from breaking out, and while you’re at it, save all of your closest friends from having their various body parts snatched so that they can be used as magic keys to boxes that will somehow destroy the world. No pressure.
  • Serena, kill Beryl. She only destroyed the entire Moon Kingdom and your far more talented mother, but you can do it.
  • Ichigo, Rukia gave you her power and now they are going to kill her. Fight your way through every single one of the Shinigami until you can somehow save her.
  • Sakura, you let the cards escape and now you have to catch them so that the magic doesn’t run amok. Yeah, there is a greater story in here as well but really it’s a magical scavenger hunt.

Helpful Hints for your anime life:

You are the protagonist in an anime. You won’t die (and if you do it won’t be overly permanent) so feel free to wear your ideals on your sleeves and never back down.

Keep in mind, if you insist something for long enough, even when backed up with no actual evidence, somehow your passion and faith will make it a reality.

You are going to suffer pain. Amazingly enough, for every good thing that happens, you will probably have overcome at least three really awful ordeals, or had to save others from them. Let’s be honest, the more tragic your past or present, somehow the more power you are going to end up with and the cooler outfit you will get to wear once you find your power.

And, if all else fails, believe in the power of friendship and your own strength and somehow you will evolve once again into an even shinier version of you who can in fact save the day.

Some final random thoughts:

How many buckets of blood does Ichigo actually have anyway and why does he need to be near death before he manages to win any fight? Wouldn’t being that close to death actual hinder his success?

Why is Serena more powerful when she transforms into a really long, white dress? Surely that would hinder her combat abilities?

Your Thoughts:

So back to the original reason for the post, what if life were an anime? Share your thoughts.

Images from: Bleach, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kyou Kara Maou, and Sailor Moon.

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Karandi James

28 thoughts on “Your Life If You Were In An Anime

  1. If life was an anime for me, I think I’d just accept it because like you said I wouldn’t die so that’s always cool. Everything else is just an extra perk with I see no problem with to be honest.

  2. I admit to being very impressed by how anime protagonists, most of whom are in highschool, can live their chaotic lives without going insane.

    I mean, exams and world-wrecking villains? That’s deadly.

    Thank heaven for power of friendship and cute outfits!

  3. This is such a fun post to read. Indeed, the pattern is there. Ahahaha! And those final thoughts at the end made me laugh. Well, Sailor Moon looks pretty in her long white dress, so perhaps that’s why? It’s the power of cuteness/beauty that gives strength to her. Just kidding! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this post. Nicely done. Cheers!

  4. Lmao, this post was great and on point for sure!
    If my life was an anime…I’d be the shut-in friend who they go to as last resort for advice, that’s about it haha 😹

  5. I want to live in food anime like Koufuku Graffiti where my friends cook me amazing Japanese food, so good it would be worth tolerating their squeaky, high-pitched voices.

  6. If my life was an anime, I would see my college life like a battlefield. Everyday would be a fight and I would ask my friends for help. It would be like Attack on Titan but without the blood and gore lol.
    Good question about Ichigo. He probably has a lot of blood. He is not 100 percent human. Maybe he is a Saiyan. Every time he nearly dies, he comes back stronger.

    1. Can you imagine if everyday life was made as melodramatic as most anime? I’m seeing that scene from American psycho where they compare business cards and he freaks out (internally of course).

    1. But at least in comedy the pain and harm aren’t permanent because next episode everything will reset for it to happen all again.

  7. If my life were an anime, I’d be the super rookie that helped my 3rd senpais get to the championship in their last tourney before they graduate. :3

  8. If I knew I was the protagonist of an anime, I’d probably half-ass everything because I know that in the end everything will be juuuust fine. At the very least if it were an anime as you put here.

    “I’m the protag so you should just surrender, I’d really rather not put in the effort to actually fight.”

    1. “I’m the protag so you should just surrender, I’d really rather not put in the effort to actually fight.” – So true. It would be really funny if Ichigo tried that.
      “You know, I may be half dead and lying here unconscious, but just give me two to three episodes of mental training and I’m so going to come back to life and defeat you. Why not just surrender?”

      1. Ughhh Bleach. It wasn’t even just half dead, but full on dead, and he came back to life in sone new form. I honestly liked his character up to the point I stopped caring what happened to him because he’d always makes some kind of magical win happen, and it just lacked any kind of suspense, or risk.

        Sorry I binged watched Bleach not to long ago and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

        1. But completely true. When you know he can’t lose because he’s just going to power up or find some way to overcome whatever there really isn’t much tension. It also makes it really hard to care.

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