ID:Invaded Episode 8 Review

Invaded8 Episode

Goodbye Character Chemistry and Plot Logic

What do you do when you have relatively interesting concept, a mystery to solve, and two already well established and interesting main characters?

ID:Invaded has the answer!

Undermine your own shaky plot logic and force the main character to interact with a far less interesting and all but utterly useless side character for the duration of an episode.


Right, so the situation we had was that Hondoumachi went into Narihisago’s ID:Well and there she found another chair and apparently went another layer down. Layers upon layers is a standard plot development for virtual worlds or travelling inside other character’s minds and so there’s nothing wrong with that as a set up last week.

Somehow, the characters in this story came to the conclusion that their boss who was arrested at the end of the last episode would also have another chair in his ID Well and so they took a sample of the cognition particle things from his house (no confirmation they were his) and told Narihisago and Fukuda to go inside his well. Why both? Don’t know. Why they assumed there would indeed be a second chair when Narihisago’s was the first time we’d come across that? Don’t know. Even if there is a second chair why on earth would they believe that ID Wells would somehow connect and they could rescue Hondoumachi…? Look it makes zero logic and given the entire premise of this episode, leading up to the ‘exciting’ (?) twist entirely rests on this making some kind of sense the whole show just kind of crumbled for me here and I’m not entirely sure what they could do to salvage it.


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The bottom line is ID:Invaded has been a very fun show to watch and I’ve enjoyed the slow build up of clues. What I’m going to be less thrilled about is if everything comes off the rails in these final episodes as it scurries to try to resolve things by forcing plot developments and suddenly making massive leaps and hoping the audience swallows them. It would be more than a little disappointing.


And even if I were to just stop nit-picking the logic here and just went with it, I still don’t get why they thought Fukuda was a good side character. He’s awful and kills every scene he is in. From his rambling questioning before diving into the well to his illogical nature inside of (no wonder he kept dying when they tried to see if he could be a replacement in the first place). Throw in an absolute lack of chemistry between him and Sakaido inside the well and you have the makings for a tedious episode built on poorly thought out plot developments. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a recovery but possibly this narrative just took a critical hit.

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One thought on “ID:Invaded Episode 8 Review

  1. That’s interesting; I really liked the interactions between the two brilliant detectives, personally. Nice to see Anaido live for more than a few seconds. As for why they sent both in, they said the second (Fukuda) would be needed to eject the other (Narihisago) from the ID Well within an ID Well.

    …I’m still not sure how they’re planning on ejecting Hondoumachi, mind, as even if Narihisago does link up with her, her eject button is in his ID Well. 😛

    I’m hoping the writers will address some of the issues in the episodes to come, as they did a good job of gradually explaining things early on, but I agree the last few eps have been a bit messy.

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