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Lighting Doesn’t Strike Twice

Seven episodes in and we dive into Sakaido’s (or rather Narihisago’s) well and this is both completely intriguing as it really brings a lot of plot threads to the forefront and also completely illogical as any semblance of this technology being grounded in any kind of reality got thrown out the window. Admittedly, non-scientific fiction, even technology based fiction, doesn’t overly concern me and the major contradictions here seemed to stump the characters as much as they were the audience so it is possible that they’ll eventually toss us some explainers, however anyone who was teetering on the brink of calling it quits with ID:Invaded would be forgiven for deciding that an Well that is modifying based on the killer’s current experiences rather than the subconscious at the time that they released whatever it is they are actually detecting to create the well (also a poorly explained phenomenon) is a stretch too far.


That paragraph ended up longer than anticipated and probably doesn’t convey the fact that ID:Invaded delivered a solid narrative provided you aren’t inclined to poke holes in how the technical thingy actually works.


Hondoumachi does enter Narahisago’s well this episode after we get a bit of a flash back explaining clearly just what actions Narahisago took in order to end up being a murderer. Now, as far as I can tell he’s only killed one person in said flashback but they’ve made it pretty clear that you have to be a serial killer to be a pilot in the well so do they count the people he’s talked to death in his cell? Or is there another piece of the puzzle yet to fall into place?


Honestly, Narahisago’s ID Well wasn’t the most intriguing. There were some interesting elements including Hondoumachi’s musings about the difference between lightning in the well and real lightning and the sheer amount of precision in the layout of the world and the timing of the lightning. Compared to some of the more chaotic world’s we’ve seen Narahisago’s well paints quite a clear picture of the type of mind he has and probably why he was good at being a detective (prior to being a murderer).

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I really liked how Hondoumachi was depicted as a detective inside the Well. I always found Sakido’s outfit a little weird with his puffy pants and scarf, so her outfit, while odd, fits very much in the theme. Her personality seems more forceful and stripped of some of the social niceties allowing cold logic to come through loud and clear as she directs some of the characters within the well to essentially worry about themselves and others rather than relying on her to save them as it wasn’t her job. It’s a nice character moment for Hondoumachi and really takes her progression as a character to the next logical step. Really happy with how her character has been dealt with so far.


There’s a couple of big twists (or at least progressions) by the end of the episode and I’m not going to go into them at all this week (though I’ll probably have to discuss them in the next episode review). It is well worth watching though and I’m enjoying where the story is going. I kind of wish this one wasn’t tagged as sci-fi because while it is good pulp fiction the science is probably where it is shakiest (or even just logic).

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