Hunter x Hunter First Impressions


Okay, calling this a first impression is probably misleading given I did watch some of the original anime series (though where and when I do not remember). However, I’m picking up the 2011 version for the first time and at this point I intend to finish it.

First Impressions

I think I’m going to spend a lot of the first few episodes confused because it is similar to what I remember of the original but not the same so my brain keeps trying to reconcile the two memories and is failing to do so. However, given I didn’t watch much of the other series I’m pretty sure I’ll get over this eventually.

So far while I enjoyed the set up in this episode that was essentially all we got was set up and introductions. I didn’t really get a sense of danger or particularly care about anyone on the boat so the storm had very little impact. The other issue I found was that Gon is really way too up-beat (sorry, I shouldn’t dislike characters for being happy but honestly I just wanted someone to puncture some of his enthusiasm).

All and all though, this seems like it will be a nice action/adventure story and so many people have told me to watch it and it will be nice to clear it from my watch list so I’m going to keep going for now and see how far I get.


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  1. Certainly Hunter x Hunter 2011 is an anime that has a lot of highs and lows throughout its length. I look forward to seeing how you find each of the specific arcs in the series. Just make sure you don’t get swept up at any one point with the anime and binge it all away, much like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. This was an anime I wish I took the time to watch slowly since when its finished you just want to forget it all to watch it again. I hope you enjoy it, and yes the beginning can take a while to pick up for some people I know I had a hard time getting my friend to get through the first arc.

  2. This is one of my faves! I hope you enjoy it. Don’t worry, someone will stomped Gon’s happiness somewhere in the middle. Kurapika is my fave buy my personality is similar to Gon’s so we were in the same boat during depressing times.

  3. As you know this is my favourite show. Ever. So I’m glad you’re watching it!

    The first arc in general is mostly just a huge introduction to the world and its characters, but fear not theres a lot of depth here and if you manage to make it to the biggest arc you’ll no doubt have a blast. It’s just… Amazing stuff honestly.

    I look forward to seeing how you get on with this one. Take it slow and enjoy it!

  4. Personally Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorite series period, but I do know that lots of people have trouble getting through the first few arcs of the anime because it’s very upbeat and classic adventurous. However, that’s why I love the beginning. Nothing is supposed to be threatening, the Hunter Exam arc is simply there to introduce you to the world and the four main characters while also telling you that while this will be an action/adventure series it will present itself with a unique look at how the story will be told. And don’t worry, Gon will mostly be upbeat, but there will be moments when he’s not.

  5. Keep watching, it’s a great show and characters show up that really balance Gon out and that are really awesome. I keep on watching it in sperts because long anime isn’t my thing, I need to get back to it an finish it already.

  6. I watched this as far as the Phantom Brigade arc (which I loved) but lost interest soon afterwards. I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Yes, it is quite a long anime so I’m not sure how that will go. Other than D Gray Man and Bleach I’ve never really had the patience for things that span 100 episodes.

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