Hunter X Hunter Episodes 6 + 7


Review Episode 6:

This exam just keeps getting weirder. I’m with the guys complaining that they’ve been challenged to a cooking contest. Admittedly, the do over exam where the challenge was ingredient collection makes sense because whether it is food or something else being able to get places no one else can would be a useful skill. I think what really bugged me about this episode was that in both challenges no one other than Gon really accomplished anything. He found the pigs, found the weak spot, was the one who first jumped off the cliff (after the examiner) and was the one who knew when the wind was coming. Everyone else was just kind of there. And am I wrong in assuming that we just had characters fall to their deaths and not a single person seemed to care?

Review Episode 7:


This is probably the most fun I’ve had with an episode of this show yet. I genuinely like Gon and Killua when they are together and this episode which had them exploring the ship and then chasing the ball was really entertaining to watch. Obviously there’s still quite a bit more to learn about Killua but so far he’s got to be my favourite of the characters we’ve met. Still, other than a fairly weak ploy by Tonpa to get under Leorio and Kurapika’s skin, not a lot really happened with any of the other characters.

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5 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter Episodes 6 + 7

  1. When I first started watching the show on episode six I went “Oh, so extras just drop like flies in this show, I see” and it really doesn’t change much throughout the show, the death count of extra characters is huge haha.

    Killua and Gon are definitely the highlight of the show, and it only gets better from here!

    1. I’m just surprised by how little the other characters seem to care that they died. Fair enough knocking off the extras but some sort of reaction would be nice.

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