Hunter x Hunter Episodes 47 + 48


Review Episode 47:

Kurapika has always had a darker side but this episode he left the rest of his personality at home. That was very, very cold and got dark pretty quickly compared to previous segments of this show.


Though I would have to say that I really enjoyed seeing Kurapika finally get some of his revenge (admittedly, it is unlikely to be smooth sailing from this point). The only issue I have with Kurapika as a character at this point and time is his persistence in explaining things aloud. Okay, some of this episode wouldn’t have made sense without the explanations, but other things don’t really need to be said. Definitely straight onto the next episode.

Review Episode 48:

That was a jarring tonal shift between episodes. Right, so we’re back with Killua and Gon still trying to make some money. This episode they run into an appraiser who actually seems like kind of a fun character and at the least he has a little bit of business sense so maybe they’ll actually earn some money.


I did like his description of Gon though. Simple. That about sums him up. He reacts to almost everything exactly the same way and while its adorable there is something a little bit creepy about it as well. I kind of feel like you could show him a splattered corpse and all he would say is ‘oh’ followed by some random question about the watch the guy is wearing. Anyway, off they go at the end of the episode to track down some spiders so maybe we’re in for yet another tonal shift next episode.

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One thought on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 47 + 48

  1. I remember enjoying Kurapika’s new side but yeah, it’s way different from what we see of him prior to this. It’s always kinda fun to see the different ways in which a story tackles revenge.

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