Hunter x Hunter Episodes 45 + 56


Review Episode 45:

You know, when Kurapika left to meet Hisoka I kind of expected there to be more casualties amongst the bodyguards (okay, I expected them all to get wiped out by the end of the episode). Still, I guess there’s plenty of time for them to die yet or maybe they’ll just disappear from the story. Who knows? Anyways, Hisoka remains his usual creepy self and even though he’s offering to team up with Kurapika there’s no way he is actually trustworthy.


I liked that Kurapika also finally remembered that people they were working with died in the auction, even when everyone else in the group just seemed to forget about it. It was nice for one of the casual deaths in the background to finally be noticed and remembered. Though I hate to say it, I’m not loving this arc. While it is great to see Kurapika get the spotlight, a lot of the fun has kind of been sucked straight out of the show at the moment.

Review Episode 46:

This episode finally shows us how we’re getting Gon and Killua’s story crossing into Kurapika’s story. Other than the fact they were all in the city, I kind of wondered how and when they’d finally cross into each other’s paths. While I still don’t know when, at least the how has been cleared up a bit.


Though I’d like to complain that Kurapika is being unreasonably stupid given his usual character (and yes, I get that he is angry and after revenge), however he’s doing that idiotic thing people do in stories where they decide to face the bad guy alone. Why do they insist on that? Admittedly, given the bad guy came after him alone he has a small chance but for all Kurapika knew the whole troupe were going to land on his doorstep. Anyway, I guess we’ll see the outcome of this soon.

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