Hunter X Hunter Episodes 43 + 44


Review Episode 43:

Well the auction wrapped up fast. Kind of amazed at how quick Baise died given they had bothered to introduce her but at this point I guess that’s pretty standard given how many of the extras died during the entrance exam. This show doesn’t seem overly concerned with its body count nor does anyone waste any time caring about the number of dead bodies as everyone goes straight into fight mode.


We do get a quick discussion from the geniuses over at Phantom Troupe about whether there is a traitor amongst them and then that idea gets quickly hut down and the big guy pretty much tears through the mafia and kills them all. While there was a high body count and quite a bit of action this episode it wasn’t exactly compelling so kind of hoping for a bit more from the next episode.

Review Episode 44:

This got a bit more interesting. I’m thinking the real issue with episode 43 was that none of the characters we actually care about were doing much. To be honest, Kurapika still doesn’t do much this episode and yet still manages to be very scary for a short, blonde guy. Really, really shouldn’t let him see spiders.


Anyway, it seems like things are about to get worse for the bodyguards and I’m not really sure what Kurapika’s plan is going forward, but I guess I will found out on the next episode.

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