Hunter x Hunter Episodes 41 + 42


Review Episode 41:

Well, this was a lot of set up. Gon and Killua are trying to earn money but kind of don’t have the business sense to succeed at this point. Their efforts are cute but fairly futile.


Meanwhile, it looks like the underground auction is going to get interesting, only not in the way anyone wants it to be interesting, except maybe Kurapika who seems pretty thrilled by the current turn of events. But again, not a lot actually happens in this episode as we just seem to be moving characters into position. Looking forward to what happens next.

Review Episode 42:


Just in case we didn’t already have enough players running around the town, now Killua’s brother is heading there as well. Though, it is probably a good thing Killua and Gon have joined up with Leorio. He may not be much use but he has slightly better business sense than they do. Admittedly, I’m with Killua in worrying that the strategy is going to take too long unless they change things up. Again, this episode is more set up than action and still the characters are getting into position and waiting for things to get going. They are really dragging this set up out so hopefully it is worth it when we get there.

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4 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 41 + 42

  1. The Phantom Troupe arc requires a bit of time to get going but it’s one of the best arcs in shonen anime. However one warning: It’s also the highlight of the series. There are some really good moments later on but the stretching will only get worse after this arc, which is unfortunate. It’s actually very comparable to Bleach, just that HxH doesn’t have whole seasons of filler or a lot of unnecessary filler.

    1. I actually need to get back into watching Hunter x Hunter. I took a break when I had my holiday but I intended to watch more of it at some point.

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