Hunter x Hunter Episodes 39 + 40


Review Episode 39:

We’ve kind of ditched Gon and Killua and jumped over to Kurapika. In six months he’s learned Nen (kind of different from Gon and Killua’s crash course but probably more appropriate) and he’s a conjurer.

Hunter39Not certain, but I’m pretty sure he’s a lot more agitated than when he was hanging around with Gon. Anyway, he’s definitely pushing forward with his revenge plan at this point. This episode was kind of slow but also a necessary reintroduction given its been awhile since we’ve spent any time with Kurapika. Hopefully though things pick up again next episode.

Review Episode 40:

Kurapika has picked up an impressive new skill set since we last saw him. Though, he remains an overachiever, clearly picking up some skills outside of his area.

Hunter40.JPGThat said, his personality is definitely shutting down as he focusses in on his goal. Kind of wondering what the reunion will be like when they all get together. The one concern I have is that if there are this many people with near magical powers running around, how did someone like Killua or Kurapika not know about it prior to the exam? I kind of get why Gon didn’t know, but the others are just that little bit more aware of the world.

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2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 39 + 40

  1. ofcourse kurapika is an awesome nen user. disappointing not to see him fighting against chimera ant.

  2. I loved how this episode went over to Kurapika. At this point in the series, I was longing for Kuapika to return to the screen because he’s such an awesome character and definitely deserves more attention. 🙂 <3

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