Hunter x Hunter Episodes 37 + 38


Review Episode 37:

What’s in the box?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


So after Killua and Gon have some fun on the island, and Mito terrifies Gon with her treatment of his licence, things get serious and we finally find out how Gon ended up on the island with Mito. We learn very little about Gon’s father other than his name and that he left a box for Gon. Let’s be honest though, it is a good think Killua is around or else Gon would still be staring at the thing. Going on to the next episode to hear the rest of the tape.

Review Episode 38:

Okay, Gon’s father is a jerk. Honest, at least, but a jerk.

Still, you have to appreciate how thoroughly he’s hidden his tracks. If he wasn’t hiding them from his son it would be kind of cute.


So Gon and Killua have had nearly two episodes of having to use extended brain power and I think the strain may well be near to killing them. So cute watching them try to figure things out. Again, Gon on his own would have been completely stuck so it’s probably a good thing the two are continuing to act together, though I somehow doubt involving Killua’s brother is a good idea.

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3 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 37 + 38

  1. I saw this immediately and I clicked so fast! I haven’t been catching up on your Hunter X Hunter reviews, but after reading this, I will definitely be reading all of them!
    Hunter X Hunter is probably one of my top three favorite anime of all time. It has such a good story and I love all of the characters in the series!! *fangirling*
    This was the first anime I watched and it holds a very special place in my heart (I watched this over two and a half years ago.). I am so happy that you are posting reviews of this anime on your blog! It’s such a masterpiece and I think you are going to enjoy the whole series. 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I think it is going to take me awhile to finish this series at two episodes a week, but I hope to get to the end of it.

  2. That’s a good review. You’re right about Ging being an honest jerk. It feels weird how HXH has become so popular after it was remade because I saw the original series years ago.

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