Hunter x Hunter Episodes 35 + 36


Review Episode 35:

What was that? This episode just had so much packed into it that it was like you couldn’t stop to catch your breath. They learn the last stage of their whole training thing and its revealed that Wing was actually also giving Gon the last stage of his Hunter’s exam, so congratulations this time you pass for real (unless there’s some other secret hidden test that they just haven’t told us about yet). Still, all of that rapidly takes a back seat to the Gon vs Hisoka fight coming up.


Seriously, creepy.

Anyway, the fight starts and while the end of it is going to be tragic (I’m already flinching at the thought of the next episode), we got one of those rare perfect moments in anime. Gon finally landed a clean punch on Hisoka’s face and it was as satisfying as you would expect it to be.


Still, time to start running Gon. Very, very fast, I’d suggest.

Review Episode 36:

Okay, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Hisoka actually used some self-restraint for once. That was nice of him, for a sadist.


However, Gon did still get beaten quite soundly and the only reason he was still standing at the end was because the ref was calling points quickly and Hisoka was still kind of playing.

The take-away from this is that two episodes ago I said I was more or less over the arena. We then have a really fantastic fight between two characters that’s been brewing for awhile, Gon finally getting to return Hisoka’s number plate, and even though he lost he’s now happy to go home and show off his Hunter’s Licence so great fight and story progression and we’re leaving the arena. Awesome progress for two episodes.

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5 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 35 + 36

  1. This fight was the defining moment for me really falling in love with the series.

    It more or less delivered on all the build up we’d been getting between Gon and Hisoka and had one of the best fights I’d ever seen.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    The next arc is less tournamenty and has a much bigger narrative to it, so look forward to it!

    1. This show is odd in that it isn’t going to be a must watch for me, but I’m kind of enjoying taking my time and working through it.

  2. Every time I see your reviews from Hunter X Hunter I always think: ” Damn I need to watch the Chimera Ant arc ” I’ve stopped watching before that and it’s the best arc from Hunter X Hunter… Stupid me!

  3. This was the only moment in the Tower/tournament arc that I deeply enjoyed. What I liked about this was it showed Hisoka as some sort of nurturer, well to a degree. He wants to test Gon until he gets strong enough to satiate his bloodlust. It is like the Joker and Batman in some circumstances, Gon is too good-natured to ever attempt to end Hisoka and Hisoka has too much “fun” with Gon to kill him. This entire arc kind of cemented this twisted relationship for me. Hisoka is easily one of if not the best villain in Hunter x Hunter 2011 and its because of moments like these.

    1. Agree that this was kind of the best moment of this arc and I’m glad we’re leaving the tower now because I was over it before this fight and there doesn’t seem like there’s anything left to do there.
      Hisoka is always going to creep me out but he is a great character in this show and a lot of that is because of this dynamic they have set up between Gon and Hisoka. Hopefully that continues into the future.
      Thanks for the comment.

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