Hunter x Hunter Episodes 34 + 35


Review Episode 34:

Why is it when Killua says not to worry, I start to worry? Still, the events this episode were not unexpected and I kind of wondered why coercion to fight hadn’t come up earlier. Essentially, Gon’s 2 months of non-training have come to an end and now he and Killua are apparently determined to set speed records for learning everything because amazingly enough being the protagonist means you just can. While I appreciate we aren’t stuck here for months in training it’s a little ridiculous. Though, Killua’s solution in the end was somewhat more peaceful than I expected.

Review Episode 35:


Okay, peaceful may not have been the best way to describe Killua’s solution. It was, however, effective. From that little game Gon and Killua now each have three wins and Hisoka has finally told Gon that he can pick the time for their fight. I’m not sure if that’s actually an achievement or not.


And given some of the things happening in this arena in all the fights why on earth is the commentator bothering to say something is unbelievable at this point?

The only real negative here is the fights are getting a little samey and I’m kind of hoping we move away from the arena soon because as cute as Gon and Killua are I’m not a big fan of arena matches in any anime.

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2 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 34 + 35

  1. I agree with the powers and fights being the same. I wish that I could see a lot more unique and different.
    And yes, I don’t really like arena fights in anime, either. They tend to be a bit more boring than actual fights.

  2. Tournaments are a double edged sword. They can be awesome if they are unpredictable. To be fair Togashi had an amazing Dark Tournament in his previous smash hit Yu Yu Hakusho. Everyone loved that arc. It’s why there is a tournament in Hunter x Hunter. However that Tournament involved all 4 heroes and not just two. So it was more varied and different than the Tower of Heaven.

    I did like the end fight between Gon and Hisoka here. It reminded me a lot of the fight between Yusuke and Toguro. However as this is not their final fight it was not as epic or final. It’s still good though. Honestly if they are stupid enough to challenge him, more power to them.

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