Hunter x Hunter Episodes 31 + 32


Review Episode 31:

I’m definitely a fairly petty person because watching Hisoka get knocked around a bit this episode was kind of fun. What made this better was he didn’t suddenly become incompetent or lose his composure. They merely pitted him against someone who’s power was a bit unusual. Still, I really pity his opponent next episode because it looks like Hisoka is done with this fight.


I’m glad they finally tried to give some reasoning for Gon’s ridiculously quick regeneration given how fast he’s recovered from every injury. I’m not sure I totally buy it, but at least it means down time after getting hurt is minimised. Still, my main question this episode is what happen with Kurapika?

Review Episode 32:

Okay, I strongly disagree with the title of this episode. This was not a surprising win. It’s more or less exactly what I expected (the outcome not the how, because if anyone predicted that convoluted series of moves from Hisoka please tell me the numbers of the lotto).

Anyway, I really loved this episode. My key descriptor of Hisoka so far has been creepy (and I stand by that) but this gave an additional couple of descriptors to him. He’s flexible, adaptable and fairly unshakable. The combination of those attributes is frankly terrifying so I have no idea how Gon is ever going to hit him in the face (forget beating this monster). Then of course we have the reveal at the end of the episode which I’m not really sure what to do with just yet so I’m putting it in a mental basket for later sorting. But I loved this episode because it was surprising, tense, fun, and managed to help us understand a character who has been pretty much an enigma just a tiny bit better (though I somehow doubt we’ve see anything close to all that Hisoka has to show us yet). Still creepy though.

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9 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 31 + 32

  1. Creepy is the perfect description for Hisoka. And if memory serves, it gets worse. He’s still one of the most interesting characters in the show though.

  2. You actually don’t see Kurapika or Leerio training. They do get to use Nen but we don’t see it. They just kinda skip to them already being able to use it. It’s sort of good and bad. It allows the narrative to flow forward but you also miss out on some key quality time on someone who isn’t Gon.

    The fights with Hisoka are pretty much the highlight of the early series for me. Some would argue that Kurapika’s fights with the Phantom Troupe are good. I think they are mistaken. The Phantom Troupe themselves are what is awesome and they steal the show. Kurapika’s part is kind of boring compared to those unique and weird characters. Each time the series cuts to them or gives them their own screen time is awesome.

  3. I still need to catch up with this anime. There are so many episodes aren’t there? O.O It feels like it will take me years to get through them all.

    1. On the bright side, I won’t have to decide what to watch instead for a fair while because there’s still a lot of episodes to go.

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